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“The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil”: an interview with Miranda Otto

Read our exclusive actor Anthony Lapaglia, who played a major role in the film “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil” (right now goes to the distribution if that)? Like it? Was it interesting? Then read ANOTHER interview (again exclusive!), this time with actress Miranda Otto!

Miranda you could see in such films as “war of the worlds”, “What lies beneath” and “I, Frankenstein” and also in the TV series “the Wild West”. The mass audience will remember the elf eowyn from Lord of the rings, which also played Otto. As her colleague Anthony Lapaglia, Miranda, also a native of Australia. Apparently, the image of the actress in “the Origin of evil,” also needs to be remembered by the audience.

How did you manage to get into the role of your character, Mrs. Mullins?

Her story has two parts: a kind of prologue and scenes from the present. Esther’s personality is very mysterious: no one knows what happened to her or where she went. In childhood many of us knew of such a “strange” neighbors, which were some rumours. Children love to make up stories about those who do not know personally. And I liked the idea with the invention of girls who claim that Mrs. Mullins is actually the villain.

The story of Esther is that she and her husband experienced a terrible tragedy, and they both become prisoners of their sorrow. She is not a monster, but kids like to think about it all sorts of nonsense to scare each other. We see that Esther is wearing a mask, but do not know what lies beneath – and it makes the character quite frightening.

How was it for you to wear this mask and how you have adapted to wearing it?

After I signed up to participate in “the Curse of Annabelle”, I had to fly to Australia, where he filmed another movie. And then they called me and said that I need to make a plaster cast of my face. Came professionals and makeup team making dentures. They smeared me with something blue and put a plaster. On some shots I was faking wounds and scratches, but is a completely new experience to play with this mask on half face, and even in the company of children who look at me as monster!

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One day, while working on the film, I went to the film crew to eat – even after I put on makeup. I asked the girl, could she give me orange juice. She turned around and nearly out of my skin jumped from my view. I forgot about denture! This is obviously not something that people would like to see at Breakfast.

What, in your opinion, draws people to horror films?

I guess it’s something to do with the audit of our internal boundaries. After the terrible movie people can convince themselves that everything wasn’t real. And it is the collective experience, because we all shudder at the same time. It unites people in the audience and gives a sense of “extreme.”

Actually, a lot of fun to experience such “extreme” emotions, and, in my opinion, children feeling like the most. But for adults it is also not alien. Remember as a child I saw on TV the movie “Carnival of souls” – then it just really scared me. Besides, I watched it at the house of the grandparents was not in his room, so I still remember how afraid of this film.

In addition, I saw the first “the Curse Annabel”, and there was also some very creepy moments. I liked how it showed the relationship between the characters, and overall story told very skillfully.

In the movie “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil” has a distinct time element. How did you feel in the clothes of those times?

I always really liked. And anyway, it’s one of the things that attracted me to “the Curse Annabelle” – the fact that the history unfolded in the 60-ies, and things in that period was quite expensive. In house of heroes, you can observe many things from the 50-ies. They make a special charm, it is very important for a horror film, with many “dark” items. And their beauty and exterior aesthetics were very useful for creating atmosphere.

What was it like working with Director, David Sandberg? As he brings to you his point of view on the scene?

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I am really impressed by the works of David – first he made this interesting short film “No light”, then they remade it in full-length form, and now worked on “the Curse of Annabelle”. Now his career is on the rise. And I love its history and I’m sure that they could not withdraw more modest and quiet man. Working with David is easy – he trusts the team and is not shy to note, if something is not satisfied. He showed himself always outgoing and confident Director. But most of all I like David (and all good Directors) that he himself is a real fan of his case. Work absorbs him.

You felt fear or discomfort on the shoot?

The doll Annabelle looks very ominous, even taking into account that I watched a movie about it. When she sits in the chair while scene was shot, and it was like watching you, it becomes uncomfortable. Sometimes I even had to turn her head in the other direction, so it was not difficult for me to focus.

Have you ever observed the manifestation of supernatural phenomena?

During the development of the film I stayed at the hotel in Las Vegas. I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning from the sound of heavy steps, and couldn’t figure out who makes this noise – in fact in the room except for me nobody was there. Then I found out that the hotel has a very grim story, and even someone died under mysterious circumstances. Can’t remember the details, but I decided not to delve into the story and leave it as is.

What is the reaction of the audience from viewing “the curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil” do you expect?

I hope the film will scare them! And also hope that they will like beautiful actress Talita Bateman and Lulu Wilson – their game has become the heart of our history, they perfectly performed their role.

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