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“The curse of Annabelle 2”: new poster, teaser and Javier Botet!

In our network’s hit new promotional materials to the horror by David F. Sandberg “the Curse of Annabelle 2”. As long as we call the movie because of the change of Russian name is not known, although the original sounds like “Annabelle: Creation”. Worldwide movie comes out August 11, 2017, and the first full-length trailer is expected tomorrow. In the meantime, we got a teaser preview (combined with already seen earlier) and the poster with a new name.

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A few years after the tragic death of their young daughter, the puppet master and his wife invited to his house the nun and several girls from the orphanage, soon becoming a target for obsessed of creating a doll — Annabelle.

In the teaser you can see the puppeteer. Well, a terrible beauty Annabelle, of course. Around the plot of the film, a lot of rumors and assumptions. Since “the Curse of Annabelle 2” is part of the cinematic universe by James WAN and the world of”Curse”, fans have already prepared the theory that mentioned in the synopsis, the nun may be related to the demon in the image of the nuns, who have struggled in the Blood. A separate film about this creature already in development, with Director Corin hardy.

There is an interesting detail and regarding the cast. Shooting completed, but for some reason we have overlooked the part in the movie Javier Botet. Until recently it was not mentioned in the caste or in kinobesuch, nor on the number of genre resources (even today Boteti do not write anything). Although we cannot exclude the possibility that the author of these lines just a little sleposhary. Anyway, that means human involvement-of a special effect? This means that is fucking scary! Apparently, the evil in the film will introduce not only the Annabelle, because Botet, a master of disguise into monsters, obviously too big for the role of the doll. And it’s very interesting. Returning to the theory about the connection of the movie with the”Nun”: and what if once again we see the Crooked man? After all, it played Boat in the second “Curse”, where the Crooked (or a Hunchback) has been making quite a splash along with a Nun. These two images most remembered and scared. Are we waiting for the continuation of the Banquet? View. Perhaps the situation will clarify the trailer, by which the memory is not exactly pass. Stay tuned.

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