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“The curse 3” will be noticeably different from the first two films

There is no doubt that sooner or later on the big screen the film “the Curse 3”. After the success of the first two parts of the question with the triquel is a matter resolved. But what else? Quality level, the films collect some cash, the fans are satisfied and require supplements. Screeching in the dark, dark theaters must continue. Also, do not forget that James van slowly builds his own horror universe, the center of which are the characters “Curse” – demonologists ed and Lorraine Warren. Spin-offs about the evil entity of the first films, of course, also a good thing, but you need the main line to develop.

To date, information about the third part “Curse” are very few and almost all of it at the level of conversation in the Smoking room. Plans, estimations, reflections, and the like. Earlier Wang stated that the events of the triquel will be happening in the ‘ 70s, and a decade later, but we don’t know even whether he will return to the Director’s chair. But fans won’t be bored, because you can, for example, to guess which of the cases of Warren will form the basis of a new film.

Producer Peter SAFRAN in a fresh interview for Cinema Blend added information for consideration. He shared some thoughts about the concept of trikvela calmed the part of the fan community, which liked the second part less than the original. Still, despite the obvious advantages, the film went on-too-familiar tracks, and the van was even accused of samopovtorov. In this respect, the third part promises to be different. That said SAFRAN:

There are some things that may not be so well known, but the Blood was an important part of them and spent a lot of time on research. Obviously, we can’t do another film with ghosts, right? Can’t do another story about the supernatural that lives in the house and put family danger. Right? So I think there should be something else entirely.

In the above-mentioned material on the investigations of Warren has been said about the werewolf. What is necessary, isn’t it? And he WAN this topic is very interested.

Maybe we could take this and make something in the style of classic film “American werewolf in London”. That would be awesome! The Warren vs legacy dog Baskervilles. That would be awesome.

The emerging horror of the universe, such a character would not hurt. With good films about werewolves lately it’s a little bare, so that you can start the next trend. Wang is not the first time.

Lorraine Warren and James WAN

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