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The current model of Paradise

Действующая модель рая

On the one hand, Empire is a complex entity, which absorbed a huge number of tribes, foundations, structures, with another — is very simple. All the population of the Empire is divided into two unequal groups: the security forces and victims. The relationship between them is so essential that other gradations and classifications are secondary.

Centuries of attempts by the formulation of the national idea ended in fiasco for the reason that the idea was not one of them always had two: the idea of violence and the idea of patience. Security officials develop and implement a violence and an immanent elements (Woe, misery, suffering). Victims with varying degrees of resistance perceive violence and related components (hardship, adversity, deprivation), improve tolerance to pain, improve the skills of escape and evasion. As a result of joint action produces GDP, strengthened the tradition, a culture and a business card placed on the outside world.

Security forces (they might more properly be called “rapists”, but agree that the word “force” sounds cooler) don’t trust suffers. Trust — the trait of patience and strongman intolerant, otherwise he is not a strongman. The patience of the victims calls the security officer has a suspicion. In fact, why suffer if you have no patience of purpose and meaning? Why, if all you can offer children is patience? Rational answers to these questions exist, so the victim automatically becomes a suspect after the first full act of patience, and convicted, if the suspicions against the victim reach a certain level.

The critical level of the transition is set by the strength depending on his emotional state and financial situation. Suggenst not free from suspicion and does not eliminate the status of the victim. Any victim obviously suspicious and potentially convicted.

Here’s a model. Only three failed for five hundred years of excellent work. In order to bring it into accord with the dominant ideology and consider age only need to pick up a suit, perfume and accessory…

If it was an advertising booklet, it would be possible to add: “shipping tanks in any corner of the planet!”

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