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The cupboard on credit for ten years

Чулан в кредит на десять лет

Officials warn that the number of square meters per person Russia has almost reached the targets. What really?

The program of development of Russia calculated for 2008-2020, failed miserably. Promised space wage growth, but real incomes over the past seven years, only decreased. Promised to defeat poverty, but things are there even manipulation of estimates does not help.

There is, however, kind of like one achievement: our people are supposedly great bummed square meters. Officials claim that now, on average, each have a 25.8 sq. m. — that is only three meters did not reach the planned minimum. Cheerful news from the mortgage field also taught us that everything in the Russian housing sector develops and grows. They say, and rates are reduced, and the new benefits for borrowers are introduced. Now I have another regions especially favorable for a home purchase loan.

And still can’t shake the feeling that we are once again fool, deftly juggling the figures. After all, if incomes are falling, and real estate to grow where to.

For a start it is worth noting that “to 25.8 meters per person” — this is the amount of the total housing stock in the country, divided into 146 million population. That is about as if you were walking past the renovated buildings of the Moskovsky prospect, St. Petersburg, and I pretend that there’s your share. Or walked around the Central along new expensive low-rises and provided that at least half of the closet in one of the duplex apartments belongs to you. And then returned in the Khrushchev apartment in Kolpino, where you live with your mom, grandma, brother, his wife and two children.

Three or four years ago in the media background were reports that almost two thirds of Russians are in need of better housing conditions, because each of them accounted for less than 18 sq. m, and on each of the third — and at less than 10 sq. m. Housing problems of all these people solved? Due to what?

Okay, a certain amount of sufferers of the apartment gave the state. But there are ridiculous numbers, the calculation can not take it: for example, in 2016-2017 in the huge Moscow housing were only 6.8 thousand people on the waiting list. So, Hey, they do not.

Maybe the housing problem solved by using a mortgage? The number of loans and the truth to grow, and in 2016 and 2018 in two times in comparison with previous years. But the rise looks impressive only in percentages. In absolute terms, mortgage holders in Russia now 5 million people — 6% of the workforce or 3.4% of the total population.

Yes, and often buy on credit? Small two-bedrooms and studios. Even young families with children often can only afford a tiny 30-metre apartment. They pay for it for fifteen years.

Speaking of studios. Special demand today are the apartments,”pantry”, 17, 14 and even 11 meters. These acquisitions of individual citizens, perhaps, and comforting the sorrowful statistics. These cubicles often buy members of our small and rapidly melting middle class for rent to visitors or grown children at least somewhere to relocate.

Slight growth is common to all statistical well-being provide, of course, our rich. While the people are increasingly impoverished, millionaires become billionaires and their country houses — the palaces and even the Palace ensembles. There is a special sophisticated mockery that the statistics shared in the paper this luxury at all and boldly warn about the success of the housing.

But the secret of optimistic statements is in the details: the net figures do not account for the special structure of the allocation meters. Meanwhile, it includes such bizarre phenomena as “dead” and “frozen” parameters.

“Dead meters” we have filled the small depressed towns and dying towns. This housing, of no value. You will find yourself at least in Boksitogorsk, though Krasnovishersk, at least in some Ivdel’, and in the eyes sarabit from poles, plastered with ads about the sale of apartments for the maternity capital — you can buy them for 200-300 thousand rubles. That just about anyone such housing is not in vain and gave up. Even in the lease do not take price of utility bills. Many who escaped from small towns and villages to larger centers, have nothing in the property except for this impaired real estate. They fight for a dignified life, in fact, being bankrupt.

“Frozen meters” we are also missing. This, for example, your share of the Khrushchev visit in Kolpino, where the mother, grandmother and brother with his family you finally moved out. In the kitchen you belong to fifteen meters, because the children and the wife of the brother most likely are not the owners. But with probability of 99% you will not be able soon to get your share of the money to get a mortgage for ten years for pjatnadtsatiminutnogo of the closet. After all, cash from relatives, probably not, but to sell a flat relatives will not, because they live it nowhere else. Thus the same “frozen meters” is, perhaps, my mother — for example, ex-husband, and certainly at the wife of the brother in the apartment of her parents.

In General, the hopelessness of some sort. Though sell still this unfortunate building in Kolpino and migliari the whole family to some far province. In the Urals, for example. This is “favorable” for the purchase of property on credit. And the apartments there are cheaper and the repayment of debt takes an average of “only” 40% of the income, not 60% as in Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, in the Urals and wages are such that if they more than half the mortgage to pay, you will die of hunger.

But it’s the little things.

The main thing is that in the statistical reports all is well. And soon it will be even better.

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