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The cult computer game noted the 15 anniversary

Культовая компьютерная игра отметила 15-летиеFrom Grand Theft Auto: Vice City anniversary.

A game that many people still, even after the release of the fourth and fifth parts, I think the most atmospheric and stylish in the series, debuted on the Sony PlayStation 2 as much as 15 years ago — October 27, 2002, and a year later, in may 2003, reached and PC. In many ways, Vice City was a breakthrough for the franchise project. Yeah, GTA III, which has transferred the series in 3D, was a technical revolution. But “Vice city” has set a series of signature tone.

For a start it is worth noting the main character of Vice City. Tommy Vercetti was the first in a series protagonist who wasn’t just the avatar of the gamers in the gaming world, but a full-fledged character (Yes, Claude the third part was the name, but does that make him a person?) with his character, views on life and, of course, a dark past. After 15 years of imprisonment, Tommy went Sunny Vice city resembling Miami in miniature, with the aim to sell a large quantity of prohibited substances, but the deal fell through, and the Vercetti left with nothing. First, the hero was trying to “curry favor” in front of his boss Sonny Forelli is the leader of a gang in liberty city — and to work out a “joint” but in the process became the movers and shakers of the underground business and build your own criminal Empire, and then “decided” the former chief.

No less impression on the players made the atmosphere of Vice City. Many people who have not lived ever in the 80-ies, suddenly felt a sense of irrepressible nostalgia for the colorful times. Dazzling neon, stringy synth-pop, sprawling palm trees of the East coast, men in tacky Hawaiian shirts and bright jackets with the sleeves rolled up, shapely girls in bikinis, riding roller skates on a filled red light of the setting sun the streets — in this world, despite his viciousness and cruelty, I wanted to come back again and again.

Of course without the references to pop culture of the time? The authors never hid the source of his inspiration. Visually, Vice City is one big homage to the film “Scarface” with al Pacino in the title role. In a healthy person don’t have enough fingers to count all the “nods” in the direction of the cult tape by Brian De Palma. The best example is the mansion of a local drug Lord Diaz (who later became the residence of Tommy Vercetti), a replica of the home of Tony Montana, the protagonist of the film. Even epic phrase “Say hello to my little friend!” — and that the game was present.

Yes, after Vice City was awesome, San Andreas, noted an unprecedented series of scales, and so native in our area is Grand Theft Auto IV, characterized by a high level of seriousness and drama, and even mind-blowing GTA V, which was already three colourful main characters. But it’s worth a seasoned fan to seslichat electronic bits some Corey HART with his “sunglasses” — he immediately feels the desire to relive the adventures in Vice city one more time. Believe again seemed so friendly lance, drink the odd Cup of tea at Auntie’s Pool cojones to compete with Umberto Robina, not to let to explode the glam-rock band Love Fist, and even take the damn mission with the helicopter.

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