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The crisis in Venezuela, the confrontation between Russia and the United States

Кризис в Венесуэле - конфронтация России и США

In Venezuela increasingly tense. Brazil ceased to print money to Venezuela. The fact is that the Brazilian leader is openly against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. In General, as the United States. Washington is struggling to support the leader of the opposition, Juan, Guido, while Russia remains one of the main supporters of the legitimate President Maduro.

Due to the tense situation in Venezuela, relations between Russia and the US escalated more and more. This turning point in the history of Venezuela has long been transformed into a conflict of interests between Russia and the United States. According to Washington, Moscow is categorically not supposed to come to the U.S. sphere of influence. While America seizes power with the self-proclaimed President of Guido, Russia insists on the legality of the powers of the current President. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo sure that Maduro didn’t leave only because of the influence of Russia. Pompeo is convinced that the current President was ready to leave the country, but Russia has made clear that he should stay.

The national security Advisor of the USA John Bolton also extremely dissatisfied with the participation of Russia in this conflict. Approval of Bolton, the Russians have no right to intrude into someone else’s brain, Moscow’s actions harmed the interests of Washington.

According to the American President, Russia has clearly demonstrated its strength against the United States when delivered to Venezuela two fighters with nuclear warheads. The leader of America is confident that the legitimate leader of Venezuela, Maduro, a longtime Putin supporter. Tram already alluded to the fact that the US can act in ways military force, but America is trying to refrain from radical measures.

The crisis in Venezuela has clearly turned into an open confrontation between Russia and America, but is the game worth the candle?

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