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The crews of several aircraft observed a UFO in the skies over Ireland

Экипажи нескольких самолетов наблюдали НЛО в небе над ИрландиейOne of the pilots noted that the speed of movement of an unidentified object was simply “space”.

Irish aviation administration is investigating reports that near the South-West coast of Ireland was sighted bright lights and unidentified flying objects.

About the unusual case reported on the morning of Friday 9 November, the pilots of several flights.

At 6:47 am on November 9, the pilot of a British Airways flight contacted air traffic control Shannon airport, to ask, not do any military exercises in the near to the aircraft airspace, because she saw something “moving very quickly”. The answer was negative.

The pilot of the flight from Montreal to London, told the dispatcher that the crew saw a very bright light, and then on the left side of the plane suddenly appeared an unknown object, which is then sharply left to the North. They couldn’t figure out what it was, but, according to the pilot, the object, apparently, was not going to clash.

The pilot of another aircraft, of Virgin Airlines, has suggested that it could be a meteor or other object entering in the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere. According to him, along the same path followed a few very bright objects.

Received November 9, a few messages from the crew about the unusual objects in the airspace at the South-West coast of Ireland, local aviation administration said that the report, and that the incident will be investigated through the normal process of the investigation, “the confidential scene”.

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