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The creators of “the conjuring,” took the remake of the Russian horror film “the Bride”!

These days the big news comes from San Diego, where he conducted Comiccon, but not Comiccon one. Early in the morning – a super-exclusive, a real bomb of Hollywood in the Area of Horror! As we know, the most successful Russian horror movie goes to Hollywood: the US will be filmed a remake of the painting “the Bride”!

Rumors on this subject went a long time. So, back in December about the potential remake of “Bride” said the prominent Hollywood producer Roy Lee. In turn, the producer of “Bride” and founder of the Studio “10/09” Vladislav Severtsev never hid the fact that interest in the remake of his movie in the West there is, and quite substantive.

In July Severtsev flew to the negotiations on this issue in the United States. And so, while we all watched the news with Comiccon, “our” people agreed with the “not ours”. And it is ALMOST official information: a Hollywood remake of “Bride” take the brothers Hayes. Patronize the project will be the Studio Lionsgate, which is among the so-called “majors”, that is the largest Hollywood companies.

The producer of “Bride” and the brothers Hayes office Lionsgate.

Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes will adapt the screenplay for the remake, but will also act as co-producers. Chad and Carey – experienced writers, on account brothers films such as “House of wax” (2005), “the Reaping” (2007), “whiteout” (2009), “Crucifixion” (2017), and their most famous work is the duologue , the Conjuring by James WAN.

“The bride” in 2017 was released in Russian cinemas, where he became the highest-grossing domestic horror film, and then successfully performed at the international rental market in countries such as Spain, Chile, Mexico.

The film tells the story of a provincial girl Nastya, which her lover Ivan is lucky to his hometown to meet relatives. Upon arrival, she realizes that maybe made a mistake: it is surrounded by strange people everywhere the horrifying images, Ivan disappears, and she herself is preparing for a mysterious ceremony to be held before the wedding. Nastya calms himself that soon all suffering will end and she will be happy! But only if you survive…

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