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The creators of the almanac Fantomas preparing a new horror calendars

Last summer the world saw the first issue of the almanac Fantomas – new periodicals in our horror of the ghetto. From small-circulation fanzines other it is distinguished primarily cool design – it’s not just about the illustrations, but also print on Kraft paper. In General, such a thing is nice to hold in hands, to look through and take home collection.

Later, these same guys have released a cool calendar for 2018 on the theme of Slavic mythology. Apparently, the experiment was declared successful, because TWO MORE on the calendar! The overall theme, but with different illustrations in each.

Thus, both calendar dedicated to the iconic characters of horror films. The first focuses on the period of the 30-ies – 50-ies of XX century and the second in the 70 – 90s of the Calendars are printed on heavyweight Kraft paper in black and white color, inside of each – 14 sheets (28 pages), 12 illustrations by 12 artists (one of the author’s illustrations for each month). Among the artists Bogdan Timchenko, Anton Lopatin, Dmitry Feoktistov , and others. Age limit: 18+

Currently open pre-orders, and you can purchase a calendar (or two) cheaper than what it will cost after printing. All the details look here.

We offer to your attention a few illustrations as an example. All the characters learn?

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