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The creators of “Sherlock” commented on the leak of the final series

Создатели "Шерлока" прокомментировали утечку финальной серииThe scandalous “leak” in the network latest series of “Sherlock” creators have called illegal.

Producer of the British television series Sherlock, sue Virtue asked of Internet users not to spread spoilers.

After being illegally entering the Network of the final series with Russian voice acting of the British series Sherlock, the producers of the movie asked the audience not to watch a pirated version.

We know that the third episode has hit the Internet, if you come across it, please don’t look,“ wrote the creators of Sherlock on the official page of the series on Twitter.

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Did not remain silent and General producer of the TV series sue Virtue. On his Twitter page a woman told the Russian audience not to tell what the outcome of the final series of the popular series.

The Russian version of the series Last case was illegally uploaded. Please do not distribute it. Up to this point you were doing so well to refrain from spoilers. We almost had it,“ wrote sue Virtue.

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Recall that the release of the latest series of the British television series Sherlock is scheduled for the night from 15 to 16 January.

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