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The creators of “Gerald’s Game” is talking about the prejudice against horror

The film “Gerald’s Game” is already being called one of the best film adaptations of works by Stephen king. But the novel has always been considered extremely difficult, and even the to adapt!

I myself must admit I haven’t seen the picture, but at the first opportunity to do it. Tell us about your impressions, if you have already managed to check out this thing. For example, can be considered a “Game of Gerald” horror?

The fact that recently the film’s producer Trevor Macy spoke about the negative attitude towards the horrors in society in General and among the filmmakers in particular:

Fans of horror proud to use the word “X”. However, most often when I talk to people from the film industry, I say that this is a terrible film, but did not specify that it is a horror or a Thriller, supernatural or paranormal movie or something because people got it into their heads that horror is minor, but it is not!

It is particularly strange that the Studio bosses are prejudiced against our beloved genre, it is one of the things about horror films is that they do not need to allocate huge budgets. Such tapes are easy to pay off, sometimes in the first weekend. Of course, such super-profitable tape as the new “It” forced Hollywood bigwigs pay attention to the genre that they are often neglected, but time passes, and they reiterate that horror is dead and no longer interesting. Fortunately, there are studios and producers who work in the field of horror constantly, not paying attention to all of these biased opinions.

The Director of “Game of Gerald” Mike Flanagan also put in my two cents, but in a different sense. He spoke about defining his paintings as horror:

It’s funny, but my sense is this is not a horror movie. It was awful, but it was not a horror movie. I assumed that most of the comments go from fans of the genre and critics with genre resources, but we talked to ordinary people who saw the film, and they were like “This is definitely a horror movie!” I’m really surprised to learn that it took so because it’s not what I was expecting.

I think the original novel by king was really scary. And if Flanagan was able to convey that in the movie, so he really did it.

So, “Gerald’s Game” for more than a week available to viewers on Netflix.

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