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The creators of Dark Souls 3 would be their next game

Создатели Dark Souls 3 рассказали, какой будет их следующая играAt the moment there is no plans to work on Dark Souls 4 or another spin off series.

The Ringed City was the last pack of new content for the game Dark Souls III, so many fans wondered about what I plan to continue to work its creators. And the head of From Software has decided to slightly lift the veil of secrecy over their plans.

“As I said originally, we have no plans for a continuation of the series, at least at the moment. But work on new games has already begun, although they would not necessarily be similar to Dark Souls,” Miyazaki explained.

“And since I have already started working on several games, that would ruin everything if I told. One can say that our position in terms of game development has not changed. Making a new game we don’t specifically make it similar to Dark Souls, and at the same time does not specifically make it not similar to Dark Souls. Be my new game similar to Dark Souls or not, I plan to make it a game that I want to do is interesting and worth the time and effort.”

In the interval between the second and third part of the series the team From Software has also released exclusive for the PlayStation 4 game Bloodborne, which was largely similar to Dark Souls. Fans will not be surprised if the new game will somehow remind you of her previous creations.

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