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The creators of “28 Panfilov” told “the film industry” about the film

This fall marks the 75th birthday of the beginning of counterattack near Moscow, which resulted in the first major defeat of the Nazis in the great Patriotic war. The heroic deeds of the soldiers of the 316th rifle division under the command of Ivan Panfilov, who repelled a tank attack the Germans at the junction Dubosekovo, is dedicated to the film “28 Panfilov”.

The creators of “28 Panfilov” told “the film industry” about the film

Officially “28 Panfilov” only in theaters this Thursday. In fact, in select theaters they were showing the week before. The distributors are called “narrow development” — a maneuver that at the film market can only be solved if you are very confident of success. It’s like reconnaissance: come out to attack, get the first reviews. But they can be and such that and step is not necessary.

The role of political instructor Vasily Klochkov – Alexei Morozov explained that the concept “Moscow is behind us” for almost all means the same thing:What is “Moscow is behind us”? Moscow behind is a way, this is my son behind, my wife behind my parents behind for that we need to try to live.”
The report from the “film industry”
Director and script writer of the film “28 Panfilov” Andrew Shalopa shares her emotions from the process of working on the story When during the first phase of fundraising, we have collected first million, I felt a very unusual feeling. That is, on the one hand, it was very touching, and, on the other hand, I realized that it no longer belongs to us that we have an enormous responsibility to those who believed in us”.
The Creator of the film “28 Panfilov” Andrew Shalopa says: “For us — three division”, referring to the 35 thousand people who gathered the first 35 million for the film. Without this money there would be a film about the battle of the 4th company of guardsmen with tanks of the 11th division of the Wehrmacht. Authentic arms and ammunition, the real — not computer — explosions and shots winter — all in the trenches and mud — expedition. This will not take off for 35 million. But without them will not remove too.

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Directed by Kim Druzhinin has explained that the main character in the film is very palpable:How could they talk that “you don’t have a main character”. The main character we have is the 28 Panfilov. We didn’t take deliberately stars to nobody pulls that ensemble was”.
The trailer of the film “28 Panfilov”
So. At the time of the recording of this program, “28 Panfilov” has collected at screens of the country 150 thousand people and nearly 40 million rubles. And it’s up to official — real — films. Arithmetically, this means that instead of waiting for the official start of the film, bought a ticket himself and called to his three friends every one of those 35 thousand spectators that believed in the project and gave money to the shooting. But this is only arithmetically. Really — hire has just begun.

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Movie about the filming of “28 Panfilov”
For that people that went to the cinema, to have someone to remember, and fought the division of General Panfilov, received the day after the battle the title of guards. Then killed by mortar fire, and Ivan Vasilyevich Panfilov, whose headquarters was just two kilometers from the front line. “28 Panfilov” is now in the movie.

The trailer of the film “28 Panfilov”

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