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The Creator of “the Cabin in the woods” not against a sequel, but…

In 2015 we wrote about the fact that the cabin IN the WOODS 2 possible. Unfortunately (or Vice versa, depending on your relationship to the original film), “possible” does not mean “soon to be”. However, the sequel to one of the most memorable horror movies from the early 2010s is too early to write off what he says and its Director , drew Goddard.

The Goddard reminded of “the Cabin in the woods”, when he talked with journalists about his new film “Nothing good in the hotel “El Royale”” (the Russian premiere took place just yesterday). Apparently, the main problem of “the Hut…” is that the film itself is not meant sequels.

Well, you know, the finale of “the Cabin in the woods” we kind of drove themselves into a corner. It’s not something that needs a simple sequel, and it’s a lot to znachit we had some crazy ideas, but Joss [Whedon, co-writer] and I both felt I didn’t want to do [the sequel] just for the sake of doing. Right? I am lucky that I can continue to make movies, I don’t need to do a sequel just for the sake of a sequel. The only sure way for us to go for it – have a good reason, and the truth is that this extension is hard to find a compelling justification. Any continuation of the story “cuts” the final, which we had in the “Shack”, and it seems to me that it was the perfect ending, so I don’t want to get rid of it.You know, I never say “never”. Tomorrow, suddenly, struck by lightning, and think of an idea to be respectful to the first part. But I have never had such an idea, that I thought: “come on, we need to drop everything and do this right now.”

This is the opinion of the Director and screenwriter of “the Cabin in the woods.” What do you think whether this film a sequel? I do not have time zip how to punch drew in the ass?

Test topic: can you remember how they killed the heroes of horror movies?

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