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The Creator of “RAID” runs the show “Gangs of London”

Director Gareth Evans, made famous by hurricane action movie “the RAID” is set to debut on small screens. “Gangs of London” (Gangs Of London) will talk about the dramatic and brutal war criminal gangs in modern Britain.

Whether a show such as spectacular as a feature of the work of Evans? Well, he hopes to be able to transfer your cinematic experience on the TV screen. In addition, he promises to show “deep multicultural world of crime that pervades the streets of London”.

The series is developed by order of the channel HBO. In the center of the plot is the idea of Evans and the script with him writing Peter berry (“the Last enemy”), Claire Wilson (“Bookstore black”) and Joe Murtagh. Constant operator Evans, Matt Flannery, too. Also, the Director wants to take in his new project the actor Dan Stevens, who starred recently in his upcoming “the Apostle.”

The production of the series will take the company Pulse Films. Premiere of “Gangs of London” is scheduled for 2019. The name, incidentally, is working and can change. Well, as you might guess, no relation to the eponymous game project has.

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