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The Creator of “Game of thrones” admitted what the outcome of the series

Создатель «Игры престолов» признался, чем закончится сериалOne of the most popular series of our time should soon come to an end.

Who of the main characters, in the end, will sit on the iron throne remains the main intrigue of the show. The only people who know how it ends, is George Martin and some of the creators of the television series. The author of the universe, though not revealing the final, decided to talk about it.

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According to him, the end of history will cause the fans mixed feelings. It will be sad and joyful at the same time the final. Now Martin is writing the sixth book, as far as is known the last. He announces that it will be a lot of dark moments. In Westeros winter has come, and it is the period of decay and death. The lives of the characters will develop according to the laws of drama – it will be harder and harder, but in the end all will be well for those who survive.

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Also the writer said that, despite the fact that the plot development in the series and the book will be different, the ending of both works is the same.

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