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The Creator of Devil May Cry interested in the development of a remake

Создатель Devil May Cry заинтересован в разработке ремейкаHideki Kamiya, Capcom has offered himself to do a remake of the first part of the renowned series.

Apparently, in light of the recent release of Devil May Cry HD Collection founder PlatinumGames Hideki Kamiya (Hideki Kamiya) indulged in nostalgia and remembered the times when he invented the slasher about a guy named Dante. Now the Japanese are trying to attract the attention of Capcom and offers to remake DMC.

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Kamiya says if his team was entrusted with the revival of Devil May Cry, the Studio has prepared “the most awesome hack & slash in history.”

Thoughts about her, perhaps the best work do not give Hideki rest for a long time. In January 2018 he began to argue that now is the time to restart Devil May Cry. Say, if we consider modern trends and the quality of the graphics in the latest creations of Capcom, a company could completely change the old formula, as did the authors of the upcoming God of War. Maybe wondering Kamiya, from the anime slasher series will turn into a realistic shooter with an emphasis on cinematography?

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