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The Creator of “Another world” tells the story of the series-continued

To date, the franchise of Holy war of vampires and werewolves known as “underworld”has been around for five movies. First saw the light in 2003 and the last in 2016. Quite long-lived story, is not it? But at last year’s film, it will not end, because even before its premiere, we learned that according to the canons of this batch is developed by the series.

To work on the television version of the horror-Thriller recently officially joined the permanent writer of all five parts of the Saga of Len Wiseman. And he already has something to say about developing the continuation of the Banquet:

The series is pretty much away from films. Not to say that he will be more Mature, but he will at least resemble the comics.

This statement sounds while which is very doubtful – it is stylish and dark design of the”Other world” was almost the most important feature of the series. And at the same time helped to divert attention from simple plot. And in what direction will develop teleadapter? It is unclear, because premiere date is still not announced. All that is known about the project is the production staff (which included myself Wiseman, and Tom Rosenberg, Gary Luchesi and Eric Reid) and focus the result on the cable network. To return to your gorgeous Kate beckinsale – here the main intrigue.

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