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The Creator of “Another world” again rejisserom die hard

That’s just what Len Wiseman talked about the series, a sequel to “Another world”, and after the news became known that the Director again chases a bald Bruce Willis in the sixth part of the”die hard”.

I think it’s a good idea, as Wiseman had previously worked with this material, issuing in the end, one of the most spectacular, but still sane of the films in the franchise. I’m talking about “die hard 4.0” (Live Free or Die Hard). John McClane is reminiscent of the impenetrable terminator, but still retains the charisma. And the plot with the global electronic attack was and remains relevant in the modern world. In addition, successfully entered Justin long (“Jeepers creepers”), it was a nice cameo by Kevin Smith (“Dogma”), etc. in a Word, it was not the tube “Nut” with terrorists in a skyscraper, but still a good movie.

And then there was “die hard: a Good day to die”and everything went to hell.

After the failure of this cranberry thrash metal in the US box office (and the previous part, that all fought in world hire), there was talk that the next film will be a prequel, and the old Willis sent to the rest. The feeling that die hard really want to die.

So the appointment of a proven Director happy. Again, know that Bruce is back in the saddle, though just for one loaf. The hero still have to share with someone younger.

But what I don’t understand is how the hell they persuaded len Wiseman back?!

I’ve heard a few stories about how hard it was for Weisman to make a fourth “die Hard”. On the one hand pressured the Studio with Bruce Willis. And in clashes with 20th Century Fox Bruce always forced their will. And between these two blocks was completely crushed by the little Director. Movie he took off, but an ulcer.

Well, this time, apparently, will steer the Studio, as the most compelling argument “Remind me who’s your next candidate for the role of John McClane?” don’t work anymore. The company is looking for a replacement. It is alleged that part of the events of the film unfold in our day, and partly in the 1970-ies in new York.

The start date of filming and the release is not yet known.

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