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The court will consider the “gas case” Onishchenko

Суд рассмотрит «газовое дело» Онищенко

The next court hearing will be held on may 31.

Kiev Pechersk district court permitted the trial in absentia of the people’s Deputy Alexander Onishchenko, who is hiding abroad.

According to the Prosecutor SAP of the Novel Semkiwa, to continue consideration of the so-called “gas” case of in absentia proceedings the court only after the publication of the summons to Alexander Onischenko in the “Governmental courier”.

“As required by the code of Criminal procedure. If judges continued to consider the case without publishing the agenda, they would be violating the law,” said he, reports “Slidstvo. Info”.

In this case, the court did not consider the question of the withdrawal of the MP from search.

The day before, on 22 may, the court did not consider the petition for removal from search Onishchenko via the disqualification of a judge Vitaliy Pianca. Instead, the Board now controversial judge Sergey Vovk, who in 2012 was sentenced Yury Lutsenko to prison term.

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