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The court resumed the migration of the decree trump

Суд не возобновил действие миграционного указа ТрампаThe power is not absolute

The Federal U.S. court of appeals upheld the earlier decision of the District court on suspension of the immigration decree of the President of Donald trump, initially deny entry to citizens of Muslim countries six (later five).

Trump insisted that this measure is necessary to prevent possible terrorist attacks and protect national security. But opponents in the courts pointed out that this initiative may be aimed at Muslims.

The court concluded that considerations of national security, referenced the President and his advisers are “vague”, and the decree borders on religious discrimination.

The ruling stated that although “Congress has given the President broad powers to deny entry to foreigners, but the power is not absolute”.

Previously, the Federal court of Hawaii also stopped action of the decree. But trump is struggling with this decision in the district court of appeal.

The initial wording of the decree was varied. 6 Mar trump has signed a new 6 Mar. Then from the “black list” of countries ruled Iraq.

We will remind, the first version of the immigration Ordinance trump was signed on January 27. Except for citizens of Iraq, then the prohibition on entry has also extended to the migrants from Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. The ban on entry shall also apply to holders of green cards.

International IT-companies, scientists, world leaders and the UN have condemned the decision of the immigration trump.

28 Jan the Federal district court of new York has suspended the decree trump on immigrants, ruling not to deport citizens who arrived in the US on a valid us visa.

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