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The court on remand Martynenko rescheduled for Saturday

Суд по избранию меры пресечения Мартыненко перенесен на субботуCourt hearing on the remand Martynenko will resume at 10 am.

The Solomensky district court of Kiev on Friday held the first meeting, which should be the measure of restraint for the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Martynenko. The examination lasted approximately from 19:00 to 00:30 and concluded that the judge transfer the meeting to Saturday morning. Also on Saturday morning postponed the hearing on a measure of restraint for Sergei Pereloma second defendant in the case.

The correspondent reports about it LB.ua.

The hall was attended by judge Alexander Bobrovnik, as well as several deputies from the “popular front”.

In the beginning of the meeting Martynenko came out of the “cage” and sat down near the attorneys, and immediately asked the word. He said he feels fine and not to worry because “the documents in the case of written rubbish that does not concern him”.

The defense asked for the judge’s disqualification. As the reason of withdrawal of attorneys called the criminal case against the Bobrivnyk and videos on the Internet, on which he is drinking and allegedly taking bribes in the workplace. Lawyer Igor Cherezov also reported that appealed to the High Council of justice about deprivation of Bobrivnyk status of a judge.

“A few days ago I was talking with the ambassadors member of the “big seven”. In my statement I said that the judge will bobrivnyk. What they say, just funny to listen to. I voted for anti-corruption legislation when I was Deputy. I was hoping that they would work honestly. Today I see the rotten Soviet system. I’m sorry, I support the lawyers, ” – said in turn Martynenko.

Prosecutors did not support disqualification of a judge, and Bobrovnik adjourned meeting.

After the break, the court began to consider the parallel case of the head of the Supervisory Board of the Odessa port plant Sergei Pereloma detained on the case Martynenko.

The lawyers demanded the recusal of Bobrivnyk and in this case. Therefore, the meeting was again adjourned.

The hearing continued. The new judge of Hell pedenko, chosen by an automated system of allocation of judges opened the session on consideration of the petition for recusal of Bobrivnyk just two cases – Martynenko and Fractures.

The court went to the consultative room for consideration of the petition for disqualification of a judge of Bobrivnyk.

The court denied defense recusal of Bobrivnyk in the case Martynenko. The judge of Hell pedenko not seen in the actions of Bobrivnyk bias. She also said the lack of evidence of criminal proceedings opened in respect of Bobrivnyk.

There is no evidence and interventions in the automated distribution of cases in the Solomensky court, she added.

The petition for removal in the case of Fractures continued.

The court rejected the defense motion for disqualification of judge Bobrivnyk also in the case of Fractures.

Then pedenko made space for Bobrivnyk, and he continued to conduct the hearing in the case Martynenko.

Prosecutors asked to adduce the materials of interrogation of one of witnesses – the former people’s Deputy David Zhvaniya. Lawyers said that this “delays”, and in the end, the court denied the prosecutors.

The lawyers filed a motion to vacate Martynenko from detention.

15 MPs and 4 Ministers signed the Declaration on taking on bail Martynenko. Deputies spoke in turn and obyasnili why they are willing to take him on bail.

The meeting, which must be remanded to the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Martynenko, postponed to 10:00 Saturday. About the transfer of the prosecution’s requested. They need time to explore the personalities of the MPs who asked to take Martynenko on bail.

On the proposed collateral, Mykola Martynenko, said: “it’s not even there, if I had 300 million. No, I would say, to reassure you. But even if I were, I would not give, because it is not ready to accept inadequate solutions.”

Martynenko also said that he had two passports, as the law allows. “During my detention I did not have a passport. They are in my work, I have two of them,” he said.

The court continued to consider the case of the head of the Supervisory Board of the Odessa port plant Sergei Pereloma detained on the case Martynenko. People’s deputies from “popular front”, in particular Pavel Pynzenyk, Elena Boyko, Mykola knyazhytskyy, was asked to take on responsibility and Change.

Judge beaver decided to postpone the meeting and at Fracture – 11:00 am.

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