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The court called the last words of Yanukovych

Суд назвал дату последнего слова ЯнуковичаYesterday during the regular session, the judge asked the lawyer of ex-President to stay with the reading of its position.

The presiding judge in the case of treason Viktor Yanukovych referee Vladislav Devyatko decided to end the debate the defenders of the ex-President and set a date for “last words” of the fugitive, although the lawyers resented the fact that their performance was interrupted. This became known from the broadcast of the Obolonskiy district court of Kiev.

Advocates of Yanukovych that the last few meetings effortlessly read your position in the debate, demanded to give them “more time”.

“The court once again notes that you, dear defender (Alexander) Baydik, played nine court days in the debate,” said Devyatko, Recalling that the debate continues in court for three months.

After on-site consulting and considering that the phase of the replicas did not come, the court decided to declare the debate finished.

The lawyer asked to give up to three months for approval of date of Yanukovych’s speech with the last word, but at least a month and a half on the coordination of all formalities for the participation of the former President in a videoconference. The Prosecutor Maxim of Crimea said that the prosecution objected to this term.

Specifying the defenders if they want Yanukovych himself to speak the last word, and after receiving an affirmative answer, Devyatko set a date of November 19. He recalled that Yanukovych has twice been invited to the last word – 12 and 23 October, but did not use it.

“If for one reason or another the court will not be able to hear Viktor Yanukovych, if he does not exercise the right given to him… according to the requirements of the code of criminal procedure, the court will have the duty and right to go to the deliberation room for the rendering of a final decision in the case,” concluded Devyatko.

In November 2016, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko announced the notification about the suspected Yanukovych of treason. It was allowed to detain the former President and bring him to the court; the resolution of the correspondence investigation. In the spring of 2017 submitted to the court indictment: Yanukovych is suspected of several crimes: treason, complicity in intentional actions to change the border and waging aggressive war. He asked for 15 years prison.

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