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The country of the “Thousand and one nights”: 10 interesting facts about Morocco. Photo

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. ФотоMorocco is a country of mystery the country of attraction.

Our understanding of this African country are as far from the truth as the opinion that our streets wandering bears with balalaika.

Find out the truth.

“The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in North Africa”, says Wikipedia. And what do you know about this country? Ripe tangerines, vast dunes and herds of camels… In fact, the landscape of the country fully reflects its character is diverse and contrasting. The Maghreb (as they say on the home local) by the Atlantic ocean on the West, the Mediterranean sea in the North. Almost through the entire country stretches a ridge of the Atlas mountains, and only in the extreme South you can touch the Sands of the Sahara. What else might surprise this distant African country?

1. In Morocco (ie, Africa) snow — business as usual

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

At home the most delicious Mandarin oranges in the foothills of the winter snow no surprise. Local residents make snowmen not worse. And in the North-West of the state 75 km from the hot (summer time) Marrakesh even has a ski station Oukaimden where you can descend from the snowy slopes not only skiing, but also sledding and snowboarding. Further North, the whole city covered with snow. Because snow-covered roofs and their distinctive architectural style, in the winter, the Moroccan town of Ifrane, and is similar to the foothills of the Swiss town.

2. It is a modern country

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

“Africa = poverty and backwardness” is a myth. In Morocco, excellent roads, including an ever-expanding network of toll freeways (two lanes in each direction and allowed speed 120 km/h).
In banks and mobile communication centres actively use the function of e-queues, and utility receipts for electricity and water based on meter readings will be automatically generated and sent to the addresses without bothering the occupants of the calculations and design.
Due to the lack of deposits of oil and gas the government is actively working to develop alternative energy sources. Last year, king Mohammed VI officially launched the first piece of the concentrator solar energy in the Sahara. It is planned that by 2020, when will all three parts of this setup, the Kingdom will provide up to half of their needed electricity through this natural energy source. This high-tech construction of the 500 000 12-meter mirrors are clearly visible even from outer space in the coming years will be the largest solar station in the world.

3. The majority of the population — the Berbers, not Arabs, and they have now 2967 year

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

Although Morocco belongs to the Arab countries, according to different sources, about 60% of the Moroccan population are the Berbers. The word “Berbers” in relation to North African ethnic groups used in Europe since the XVII century. The Berbers — a very heterogeneous ethnic group. Only in Morocco you can come across rifan, tamashow and Shelehov. They have their own culture and language. It is believed that the Berber alphabet already existed more than 2000 years ago, it is not surprising that the calendar of the Berber people now the window 2967 year (although the Kingdom is officially live on the whole planet calendar). Since 2011 tematiski in Morocco (Berber) language became official along with Arabic.

4. Morocco is closer to Europe than we think

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

Narrow, 14-kilometer strip of Gibraltar separates Africa and Europe. Standing on the African shore of Morocco, you can easily observe the movement of cars in the European Spain. And the two Spanish enclaves (Ceuta and Melilla) located in the territory of the Kingdom. So to get to Europe with a Schengen visa you can can say, without leaving Morocco.

5. Here is located the oldest University in the world

Years from 859 in Fes runs the University, founded by Tunisian merchant’s daughter Fatima. The world’s oldest higher educational institution bears the name of her family of al-Karaouine. Diplomas in the traditional European sense it began to give only since 1947, but within the walls of al-Karaouine at different times received such knowledge is known to philosophers and scientists like Ibn Khaldun, Maimonides, al-Idrisi, the lion African. Presumably, here he studied mathematics Pope Sylvester II.

6. Argan oil produced only in Morocco

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

Argan oil (or liquid gold as it is often called) is made from the seeds of the argan tree exclusively in Morocco, but it has gained connoisseurs around the world. Today, even the major cosmetic brands have launched a special line of hair care and skin based on argan oil, and so its popularity is not surprising. Its properties and even production technology, which is still not automated, it is unique. To obtain 1 liter of argan oil, it is necessary to process about 50 kg of fruit (approximately seven trees). First collected from the tree argan fruits are dried in the sun, then they are cleaned of fibers, and then, breaking the stone shell of the seed of the fruit, extracted the very seeds of argan, which is obtained with the help of a mechanical press argan oil (it should be noted that only the process of obtaining kernels from the kernels of the argan requires nearly 12 hours of hard physical labor).
In addition to the cosmetic products argan oil added to food. Grind almond paste with the addition of argan oil in Morocco is served during tea parties.

7. The Moroccan Sultan Ismail is considered the father of many children in the world

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

According to the Guinness Book of records legendary Sultan Moulay Ismail, who ruled Morocco from 1672 to 1727, is recognized as the father of many children in history. An energetic ruler who had a harem of five hundred concubines, is credited with a record number of heirs — 888 (700 — boys). The French diplomat Dominique Busen, who has arrived in the Sultanate in 1704, claimed that the ruler at that time was 1171 child.

8. The first blogger-traveler — Moroccan

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

Few people know that the first blogger-traveler was born in the distant XIV century in Morocco. The Northern city of Tangier became the cradle of the author of the essay “the Gift of beholding the wonders of cities and wonderful travels” of Ibn Battuta. Your journey of a lifetime Battuta began at the age of 22. And for 28 years he visited North and West Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India and China, Andalusia, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. “Travel deprive you speechless, then turns into the best storyteller,” said Ibn Battuta. The name of the famous countryman in Tangier called the airport.

9. Here’s a good salary and reasonable prices

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

The doctor in the Kingdom of Morocco is perhaps one of the most respected and prestigious professions. And this is reflected not only in population but also in the corresponding material reward of the work of the followers of Hippocrates. Thus, the wages of a young doctor in the public hospitals — not less than €800. According 2016, the average earnings in the public sector in a month is around €750.
Thus a liter of gasoline in Morocco is in the range of €1 for electricity pay about €1 for 10 kWh, water is estimated at €3.5 per 10 m. (For comparison, in neighbouring Spain gasoline is €1.2 m, €1,5 — 10 kW·h water — €10 for 10m). Liter of milk can be bought in Morocco for €0,8 liter bottle of olive oil for €5, a dozen eggs — for €1.2, and a kilogram of chicken or ground beef will cost €4.4 and €8 respectively. Expensive estimated at Morocco real estate, however, there is the so-called “social housing” (a small apartment with two bedrooms and a living room can be purchased for €28 000 — 30 000).

10. In Morocco, removed a number of popular films and TV series

Страна «Тысячи и одной ночи»: 10 интересных фактов о Марокко. Фото

Favorable climatic conditions and beautiful landscapes made to look venerable Director of in the direction of the Maghreb. Starting with the legendary film 60-ies of “Lawrence of Arabia” come to life every year hundreds of films. And established in 1983 near the city of Ouarzazate, the film Studio “Atlas” area of 20 hectares is by far the largest in the world. This place was filmed the movie “Gladiator”, “Alexander”, “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”, “007: Spectrum” and even the third season of the cult TV series “Game of thrones”.

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