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The country of eternal sun: 10 reasons to go to Greece. Photo

Страна вечного солнца: 10 причин поехать в Грецию. ФотоGreece is currently one of the top destinations in terms of price and quality.

Greece is once again relevant, not only because there this summer vacation Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie.

After widely reported in the press of the economic problems the country was left were tourists, but now, according to the statistics of booking a hotel, travelers came back.

1. Greek”champagne”
“Retsina” who rarely like the first time, but now Grecophiles in the yellow bottle (well chilled!) is a true taste of Greek summer. This is a very light wine (fortress only 11%), but listen to the advice of the locals and drink it with soda, which makes the drink simply divine.

Price: less than € 2 per bottle in the supermarket

2. Food
Juicy pieces of meat, just taken from the grill, fresh salad, chips with tzatziki sauce – all wrapped in a warm tortilla… What could be better than a rich Greek snack in pita? One is a snack, two is already a complete meal. Vegetarian alternative to cheese or spinach pie from the bakery, still Smoking and scattered with sesame seeds. No comment!

Price: 2 pieces – $ 5 cheaper

3. Dancing till dawn
The entrance to many music bars in Greece are free of charge; just buy a drink and dance until dawn. Such places don’t close until morning. The majority begins to work closer to midnight. Dance bar in Mikro Chorio in Tilos, an abandoned village on the hills, famous for the outdoor dance floor. Can see the stars, and not only in heaven: last year, here came Jennifer Lopez. It is, of course, did not use free Shuttle bus, but nevertheless Want something more traditional? Visit the local festival and enjoy Zorbas inside.

Price: 5 euros for a drink

4. Dive into relaxation
You have in the future – watch the contemplation of the sea from the shore and from inside. There is nothing more comforting than to slide under the water surface, looking for the most colourful fish and starfish in a small lagoon with lots of stones and crystal clear water. If you slightly deviate from the well-known to all tourists route, you will have a very quiet, secluded beaches. A great way to work up an appetite before dinner! Free session of healing children you are in the “Terme” near KOs: here in the sea among the rocks underground hit hot keys.

Price: EUR on the bus

Страна вечного солнца: 10 причин поехать в Грецию. Фото

5. Greek salad
Like joking my friend, if the Greek government took a tax on each “Greek salad” that is served in cafes around the world, it instantly would solve the problem of public debt. Authentic original – simply divine: juicy, tasty tomatoes, crisp cucumber, onion and pepper, cream cheese, fresh olive oil and herbs – recipe this is the best lunch on the planet! Even Jamie Oliver can’t cook easier and tastier.

6. Choose where to go
In the summer it is best to avoid trendy resorts on Greek Islands (a sure sign of such places is the fact that there were filmed a Hollywood movie). In Greece hundreds of Islands. There are plenty to choose from on the mainland. So, if you want to spend the money wisely, we need to move away from stereotypes and choose something else besides the usual Mykonos and Santorini. In other places the prices are lower. Yes, you may have a trip on the ferry, but in return you get a more authentic experience. The farther from the airport, the more relaxed pace of life!

7. Room with a view
If you are looking for something super-luxurious, standard room for two for 30 euros a day is more than enough. For the money (at the height of the season is a little more expensive, but can bring down the price if you stay in a hotel for a week or more), you can enjoy great sea or mountain views. To find a suitable option easily. Often in addition to the basic services the room has a balcony and a kitchen including a refrigerator where you can cool Greek champagne. Another option is to follow the example of a hippie and find a free place for the tent on the beach kind of Aristos or Tilos. In summer, couples and even families with children stay here for a whole month. Of course! That’s because the best types in the world: blue water by day and night, stars and moon reflecting on the sea surface.

8. Check how to get
Be sure to check out the Internet and compare the cost of a ferry ticket from different carriers. Catamaran excursion or the ship can cost two times more expensive than a slower large ship. But on this ferry you can find a place on the deck and enjoy the sun, substituting for it the rays of the face and at the same time enjoying the famous blue of Greek waters. From the airport, cheaper to take the bus (costs only a few euros). With taxi drivers you can bargain if you are travelling in a group. This way, in the airport of Rhodes you can bring down the price of travel to a city hotel to a more reasonable 22 euros.

Страна вечного солнца: 10 причин поехать в Грецию. Фото

9. Go to the ruins
Visit Afenyi visit some of the most impressive museums in the world. By the way, the cost of the ticket to them is not so high. The Acropolis and the Archaeological Museum – the minimum program. Throughout Greece there are millions of cultural assets, which were part of the Museum is old, but not boring! You can just take a stroll through the ruins, the benefit is free fun! Why not, if doing the same geese? Ancient temples and castles are even in the God-abandoned parts of Greece. Here you can wander through the ruins, getting great pleasure also from the lack of tourist crowds. If you choose to go somewhere in a mountain village, will also get a free workout for the heart and blood vessels.

Price: 12 euros for Athens to visit the Acropolis, ancient and Roman Agora, Temple of Zeus, Acropolis, Library and Theatre of Dionysus.

10. Not by shopping alone!
Walk up to the shops at home or anywhere else! And in Greece it is necessary to enjoy a cool drink, burying feet in the sand and listening to the chirring of cicadas.

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