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The country of aggressive atheists

Страна агрессивных атеистов

You can, of course, with the two main pulpits of the state in the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior continue to mumble about high spirituality of Russians and contaminated the morals of the West. But imbued with the charity after a conversation with Nytol Federmesser the head of Bashkortostan radium Khabirov, and set out in the Ufa to build a hospice for adults and children. The place is well chosen, next to one of new prestigious neighborhoods.

And then spirituality out flooded! Social networks bubbled, collective letters and petitions to the authorities flew with the protests. Meaning this: the district is not cheap and there are decent people live, many with kids and they will suffer anguish at the sight of the dying peers. In General, there is no need to build, and it is better to build outside the city in a forest. There environment better and let the poor at least finally clean to get some air.

Say — a special case? If… In connection with this recall, four years ago in Moscow on the Internet resource, the “Active citizen” has passed the vote to rename the metro station “Voykovskaya”. The results reflected in real time, and when the number of voters has reached 300 thousand, 200 thousand of them were against the renaming. Do not touch, they say, we are so accustomed to. Well, know he’s a child killer, but who doesn’t, and the time was so revolutionary…

If God was, then by evening prayer from the 200 thousand that consider themselves to be persistently faithful, would have to odyhat languages the pronunciation of the word “spirituality”, “morality”, “moral principles.” But nothing happened. In the churches of Moscow, it should be noted, on this issue silent.

75 years of brutally enforced power in the heads of the Russians of atheism and aggression to think differently continue to bear fruit. Russia is still, for most of the population, and at the top of the polls — the country hidden aggressive atheists, Natanovich on a mask of virtuous Christians.

Spirituality means compassion. And it won’t start to be approved in the people, as long as the power is no longer to convince that the destruction of the inhumane and very ungodly in the history of Russia way of life that other, as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century”.

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