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The country is suffering pensioners: Latvia prefers NATO health

Страна страдающих пенсионеров: Латвия предпочитает НАТО охране здоровья

Three-quarters of Latvia’s population consider that the health sector needs additional funding. The result is absolutely natural: the Republic a lot of older people for whom the issues of development of medicine are a priority. During the years of independence, Latvia has become a country suffering pensioners who receive less medical care, because the expenditure on the army and “containment of Russia” for the state is more important than caring for the elderly.

In a recent poll of research centre SKDS inhabitants of the Baltic Republic and asked to identify three areas that are most in need of the influx of funding. It was easy to predict that health care in this trio is sure to be. But the result is still surprising.

In favor of the development of medicine spoke proper the majority of respondents — 73%.

The second most popular answer, scored only 37.3 per cent.

A few words should be said about the defence budget. If to trust the Latvian authorities, it is here that the biggest gaping holes: Russia will soon attack, and the Latvians no tanks, no Navy, no reliable system of air defense. But sociology shows that people is particularly disturbing. Or rather, concerned only 5.7% of the victims of Russophobic propaganda. Who, except them, will applaud the announced increase in spending on the military budget?

Of the 15 industries for which there is budget money, the defense took the survey “honorary” tenth place.

Confused only that the development of science and culture was even lower (4.7% and 4.5%, respectively). But if you follow the logic of the Director of SKDS Arnis Kaktins, the results reflect the real picture of the needs of the population.

“Everything follows from the structure of our society, — said the sociologist. — If we were in Africa, where two thirds of the population — youth and children, we would in unison said, give money for education! In Latvia’s education will always lose in comparison with health care because we have a high proportion of older people who say: we are hurt! It is natural that with age, people have more demands for medical services.”

Here it is, the dream of modern Latvian!

“If we were in Africa, where many children and young people”… And we, unfortunately, — the Baltic States, where young people running away at the first opportunity. Be only suffering pensioners.

Kachina just need to thank you for your honesty. In fact, after his analysis becomes clear and the logic behavior of the Prime Minister of Latvia krišjānis Karinsh. This summer, he hinted that the Republic has too many hospitals — half of them should be eliminated.

Well, some problems in the health sector, this “reform” really can solve it. Hospitals will be smaller, will automatically decrease and shortage of medical staff.

Patients, however, this will not be easier.

Rather the opposite — to use medical services after this “seal” will be even harder.

If before a rundown rural clinic worked poorly, then carins, it generally offers close. That life did not seem raspberries.

Probably this all boils down. Why to restore order in the provincial hospitals, which become the centre of attraction for the elderly? The economic effect of this can only be negative.

Latvian pensioners the Latvian government gives people headaches. He only does that pull from the budget of public money, which carins along with defense Minister Artis Pabriks could be spending to increase military spending.

And the longer the pensioner lives, the longer it needs to contain. Is it because the Prime Minister configured to further complicate the lives of older people?

In the same opinion poll, 87% of people complained about the weak access to health services. A generally abandon them after failing to get paid for by the state doctor because of the huge queues.

In General, everything is going according to the plan of carinish. The longer the queue, the less patients (mainly the elderly) will receive medical services. Therefore, the less the government treatment of these people will spend. And anyway, without the quality care they are less live…

The scheme will not work if we are talking about the treatment of the able-bodied person. Then all on the contrary: it is better for the patient to quickly put on his feet and went to work.

This emphasizes the head of the society of patients INES Maurina: “We want to explain to the deputies that a small investment in prevention and diagnosis yields future savings in the treatment of serious and neglected diseases. Diagnosis, doctors, hospitals, medicines, social benefits for disabled persons is a huge amount!”

Sounds nice, but the carins are not up to snuff.

Why you need prevention and diagnosis, if you can save directly on the health of patients?

Recent events have clearly demonstrated this. In August from-for shortages of emergency physicians and anesthesiologists in Daugavpils regional hospital in a critical situation. One expert had the day to participate in a nine or ten operations. In order not to risk the health of patients, the administration of the institution has suspended scheduled surgeries.


The case is so egregious that it introduced an extraordinary meeting of the Sejm Commission for labour and social Affairs. Parliamentarians unanimously horrified and unanimously resolved: healthcare should be a priority in the budget 2020 and the salary of physicians will increase by 20%, for that of the Treasury will allocate 120 million euros per year.

“Still cool, when Daugavpils is doing politics in the country,” wrote about this on his page in Facebook the mayor of the city Andrei Elksnin.

How exactly Daugavpils “doing politics in the country,” it became clear after a while.

It turned out that the ruling coalition intends to direct on increase of salaries to physicians 45 million euros instead of the promised 120.

It and is clear: the Prime Minister is lobbying for a reduction in the number of medical institutions, not to allocate to the health care extra money. Just in the Commission of the diet his venture or not understood, or not appreciated.

Another recent sociological research SKDS shows that the Latvians are not eager to resist the occupation authorities in the event of war. To apply the methods of non-violent resistance will be 12.4% of the respondents to resort to violence — just 7.7%. And more than a third of respondents intend to in the event of an attack easy to live under occupation.

According to a recent survey, if the occupants are still fine to treat the Latvians, the loyalty of the local population is provided to them.And during the attack on the Baltic States, you can use this “trump card”. Why send tanks to Latvia and planes, if you can send a platoon of doctors with IVS and blood pressure cuffs? These “occupiers” here will be greeted with flowers. The same as met in 1940.

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