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The countries of the Earth are trying to capture the moon

Страны Земли пытаются захватить ЛунуThe satellite of the Earth become subject to a dispute more and more often.

More and more countries and companies are planning flights to the satellite of the Earth, so there are those who want the UN to develop the relevant rules, it is too late.

The basis for space activity today is “outer space Treaty” of 1967, enforces Vienna, United Nations office for outer space Affairs. A key principle of the agreement says that the space can not be subject to the sovereignty of any country, will not be subject to private ownership and will not place the deployment of nuclear weapons. The use of the moon and other celestial bodies is limited to purely peaceful purposes. The United States signed this document.

Some countries, including the United States and Luxembourg have adopted laws that recognize that the private property extends to extracted space resources. Although lawyers may not agree with such an approach, pointing out contradictions “of the Treaty on outer space”, which takes precedence over national legal regulations, the tendency, according to Hanlon, is obvious: some countries and companies have ambitious plans for space. And exploration of the moon in them – just one of the many commercial and scientific perspectives.

In 2013, China became the third country, which could carry out a “soft” landing on the moon. Country within its space program for more than two years exploring the surface of the natural satellite using unmanned bicycles. China is also about to launch a new probe to the moon – “Sapde-5 at the end of this year or in 2018, which will bring the samples to Earth. A manned expedition is planned for mid 2030-ies.

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