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The Cossacks will open a Bank in America

Казакам откроют банк- в Америке

The first Cossack Bank has this year will be opened in the United States, his services will be available to the Cossacks of Russia.

Intiatory the creation of the Cossack Bank made a number of U.S. senators and business leaders. What is their interest and why the Cossack Bank? With this question we appealed to the Supreme Ataman of the Cossacks of America and Abroad Sergey Tsapenko.

– At us as a legitimate, established political circles in America, Cossacks a year ago came the number of entrepreneurs with the proposal ucheredit Cossack Bank.

The fact there is resolution on the Cossacks as oppressed people, even 1959 it acquired official status with the adoption of a resolution of Congress, the author of the project of which was Lev Dobriansky. July 17, 1959, President Dwight Eisenhower gave it the force of law (law No. 86-90), it gives the right to osushestvleniya in USA preferential, tax-free banking and commercial activities, taxes in the U.S. is very large and legitimately to reduce the options almost no, respectively they have turned to us to act as the founders of the Bank, and they will perform for investors, today it is about $ 2 billion.

All this will give the Cossacks the access interest-free loans.

– Can the Cossacks the people of Russia to use the services of the Bank in America or branches will be opened in Russia?

-While we do not plan to open branches in Russia. But nevertheless I found a solution.
Cossacks in Russia will be able to get our Bank cards.
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation citizens (physical persons) are obliged to inform in tax service of Russia information about open Bank accounts abroad. But the fact that it is not for people in the US will be used by the consolidated (General) account to accept payments for Global Payment Service, you have a Bank account in the US, Europe and Japan offer is not in your name, and belongs to the Cossack Bank. Bank accounts of all the users merge into a “common pot”, and then just recorded for your account and card for each user.

Therefore there is nothing to fear: they will have prepaid card which is not tied to any personal accounts with a foreign Bank. It’s just a payment card for cash withdrawals, online payments, shopping, nothing more.

They do not need to file a report in the country of the sender and of the recipient (if it does not coincide with the country of residence).

As owners of our cards will be able to send money local Bank payment ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the largest clearing system in the United States.

By agreement with the Council of Atamans of Russia appointed representatives of the Cossack Bank in Russia in the Central Federal district and Ural ataman Kovalev Gennady, Vladivostok and Primorye, the chieftain of the Malanin, southern region, ataman of Prabhata.

They will be on their own to decide to whom and what means to let go, we Bank not open and you can say its for the Cossacks themselves give their money, and we will do ask them.

Unfortunately for the Cossacks living in Russia does not work at all without interest use of money, the fact that banks charge a Commission, although some minimal napromer- “AK bars” does not charge a Commission. With 2500$ will be the Board of 48.15$ + 0$ fee in cash. With 1200$ — 24,75$ and 4$ similarly. To get cash need a passport of the Russian Federation. There are negative — not at all banks maybe at the box office to be in the presence of a large amount of dollar cash.

There are reviews that quite good conditions are offered by “Bank Avangard”. They cashing out at the rate of 2%. You can immediately get your hands up to 2500$ and 5000$ respectively. Also currency can in the cashier to issue you the Bank “Zenit”. To check the current fares better in these banks.

We also recommend to look for the ATMs of the Bank “VTB”, which allow you to withdraw up to 100 000 roubles, the “foreign card” per transaction.

So welcome to the First Cossack Bank!

Valery Rozanov Coordinator of the CFA for the work of the Cossacks with the media

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