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The Cossacks of Russia has demanded to stop to demonize Ukraine

Казаки России потребовали прекратить демонизировать Украину




Казаки России потребовали прекратить демонизировать Украину

“Spanish shame”, there is such a thing onecause when someone does not good, and ashamed of it to you.


The same experience rossiiane when you see on TV shows with rabid demonized when not brotherly Ukraine and its inhabitants.


This clumsy ideological work. only leads to a rejection of the ideas which inspire the leading political shows.



The Council of Atamans of Russia, trebuet to cease to divide the brotherly peoples of Russia and Ukraniny. In his statement, the Cossacks appeal to the head of both countries, asking them to close these TV shows and focus on solving internal problems.


In particular, the Cossack General FSK Gennady Kovalev said- “the Council of Atamans of Russia conducts huge work, the methods of traditional diplomacy, in order to preserve brotherly relations with Ukraine, representatives of the Cossacks there are in many countries and they do not share any contradictions. Kasai is our national diplomats. which are the link with the population of the countries in which they live.

But a stream of filth which no orladno poured from TV screens – Gordons,Solovyov, the Saffron and other nullify all the efforts.


We, the Russian Cossacks, often in the Ukraine, America and other countries. See how people live there in fact, no one there for us Russian language is not intended, nor there is chaos and poverty there live better than we do, and what is even better.


And we are funny to hear that “bear” with their programs dear: Solovyov and Saffron. Ukraine was the last time many years ago and have no idea about the real situation.


Ataman Peter Skoybeda, head of Sector of International Relations, Cossack- “many Russians evokes sympathy and compassion, the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun, which is a permanent participant of Russian talk show where he was regularly beaten and kicked, he even got to the intensive care unit with diabetes.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said earlier that if Kovtun expelled from the Russian TV, he will be in the gutter in Kiev, that the words of a man who claims to be the exponent of the views of the people, intellectual? Shame us for it!


And Anna Shafran? We remember her more sophisticated intelegentnoy girl. Soloviev turned it into habalki from the market – neighs like a horse in the air and all we portends the collapse of Ukraine. At least someone controls their ideological work? Or are they out there themselves?


And from America why pugalo doing? It is incidentally the first, back in the 50s acknowledged the genocide against the Cossacks and only 40 years later, a similar Law adopted in Russia.


In America, we are Cossacks even take that Hill with respect, consider us.


I must say that Russian President Vladimir Putin during Valdesolo forum has publicly declared that Russian journalists are doing it wrong when you put Ukraine in a bad light in the air of Federal TV channels. Host of the show “60 minutes” on the channel “Russia 1” Olga Skobeeva in response retorted that journalists do not engage in the purposeful denigration of this country. Agreed with her, her husband and co-host Eugene Popov, said that without discussing the political life of Ukraine on Russian TV is not enough. Similar opinion and leading the “First channel” Artem Sheinin.


They are already his irrepressible initiative not only interfere with our international work but also Vladimr Putin.


I want to apply for Anna Shafran.

You – the owner of a beautiful name Saffron, but did you know Anna that in Uraine people come to admire the color of the saffron to Kherson.

Collecting the flowers of saffron. It is because they are made in the world most expensive spice – saffron. They still are used for the production of drugs to help with cancer.


Would you, Anna, by analogy and treated our country from the cancer of hatred and Nazism, become lekarstvom not poison!


I must say that it was the Cossacks, many years negotiating with the Russian foreign Ministry, assuring officials that the Russian immigrants it is necessary to return Russian citizenship, as the majority of the Cossacks left their Homeland against their will. As a result, many compatriots have returned to Russia.


It is necessary that all Russian and Ukrainian people finally answered the important questions: what will become of us, what awaits our descendants in the future?



Necessary things to prove that our people are United and do not want separation. To prove that we always fought together against an external enemy, not to each other, we planned a very significant project for the unity of the Russian world, for us there are no borders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, our task is to restore the greatness of the former Empire.


Valery Rozanov. Coordinator Service Cossack Information CFA

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