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“The copyist” of China Mieville went on sale

Shopping slowly begins to disperse new book China of Mieville, a great writer, a man whose wild imagination to be envied. Mlevel, – the representative of movement “the new weird”, he is able to create whimsical worlds, mixing science fiction, fantasy and horror. And his works are really memorable.

The story “the Scribe” (This Census-Taker) published in a separate volume (book 256 pages). She saw the light in a series of “Great fiction” from “Fanzon”, praise her readers and critics, it is compared with the best works of Bradbury and Mccammon, it was nominated for prestigious awards (Hugo, Locus). In short, it just will not pass.


In a remote house on top of a hill, a lonely boy becomes a witness to a deeply traumatic event. Trying to escape, but to no avail. Staying alone with his less sane parent, he dreams about the safety of friends in the city below, about the escape.
When a stranger knocks on the door, the boy feels that the days of isolation are over. But who gave this man the authority to write? What is the true purpose of his questions? He’s a friend? Enemy? Or something quite different?
Filled with beauty, with fear and uncertainty, “the Scribe” — a poignant and fascinating exploration of memory and identity.

For fans of George Saunders, David Mitchell and Kelly link. Stunning, unusual and impressive novel by award-winning China of Mieville.

Financial Times:

Lingers in the mind like a disturbing dream.

Kirkus Reviews:

Short and like a dream… a deceptively simple story which can be a symbol of humanity as a whole society and one soul.

Right now the book is available for purchase in Book24, where it is worth four hundred rubles. Soon in other stores.

Below are photos of the motherboard, study the piece and cover.

Download: PDF



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