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The conversation in the process of exorcism (VIDEO)

The exorcist returns.

But it is easier from this no one will become a gift that in the first season of heroes seems to have dealt with the devilry in a decent family. The new season has in store father Thomas and his friend Marcus new, more serious test. A small piece of the upcoming horror shown in the following excerpt from the first episode of the second season: Marcus prays for the sinful soul of the young possessed, and the demon tormenting the judges to join with him in battle is primarily psychological.

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Six months after the events of the first season, leaving Chicago, Father Thomas continues on his way an exorcist under the guidance of friend and mentor Marcus Keane. The road leads them to a troubled girl in Montana, and further investigations lead out to the family of this young woman. Power Thomas continue to grow, causing Marcus ‘ concern is not too risk his young colleague?

The action moves to a secluded island off the coast of Seattle, where Andy Kim is raising several foster children. The state directs them to the house of representative of social services in order to decide whether to close the shelter Kim or not. But the real threat lies not in the guest – an ancient evil is stalking one of the children.

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