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The continuous chatter in the excerpt from remake of “Madness 13”

Here are you waiting for Halloween, there are all sorts of “Saw 8” and “Jeepers creepers 3”, and between the October 6 world premiere of the film “Madness 13” (Dementia 13), a loose remake of the 1963 edition. The original, if someone does not know, took Francis Ford Coppola, debuted at directing under the supervision of producer Roger Corman. However, koprowski the film was not very protected by copyright and is now in the status “public domain”, which allowed to release a new movie under the same name.

About the film twice already wrote comrade Kriventsov – first boasted the poster and then the trailer basement. Today the online AITH bummed exclusive excerpt from “Madness 13”.

Cm. also Fanzone:

“Psycho” for the poor: “Madness 13” by Francis Ford Coppola

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