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“The continuation of the policy of restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens”

«Продолжение курса на ограничение прав и свобод граждан»

The Federation Council is preparing a new law on rallies. The city would have a single place for protests

The Federation Council is preparing a bill in which “konkretisiert expectations for political action”. About it writes “Kommersant”. Member of the Federation Council Lyudmila Bokova said that if the law passes, in every Russian city will designate a specific location for the meetings. Outside of these places to protest will be denied.

Tougher legislation proposed interim Commission for the protection of state sovereignty. Its head Andrei Klimov said that the events related to the protests over the rejection of independent candidates for elections to the Moscow city Duma, “there are signs that external intervention in the sovereign Affairs of Russia.” The shares were natural — protesters caught on many streets of Moscow. Therefore, the Federation Council decided to draft a law “on the exact fixing of places to hold events of a political nature and where under no circumstances they can not hold, sorry,” said the MP.

“Exactly the situation in the EU capital Brussels — said Klimov.— Where you can do what you want only certain spaces and beyond them blocked. I saw the barbed wire, hedgehogs and seen people with rapid-fire combat rifles. It must be borne in mind. We have nothing like that, and I hope you never need it. But in the law this should be clearly documented.”

Head of legal services “Apology of protest,” Alexei Glukhov said that in the Federal law on rallies from 2012 stipulates that each village should be designated for protests — the so-called Hyde parks. They “generally” should be and meetings.

“The initiative of the Federation Council to drive the protesters into reservations — is, in fact, legalization and so the existing law. These “one-stop location for meetings” will certainly bear in such angles that it is easier to remove the Assembly hall and hold there. In General, there is a continuation of the policy of restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens”, — said Glukhov.


We will remind, since mid-July in Moscow held a protest due to the banning of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. Unauthorized demonstrations on 27 July and 3 August, the security forces arrested over two thousand people. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the riots. On 10 August in Moscow will host a new rally, but this time it was agreed with the authorities. While protests continue in the Arkhangelsk region due to the construction of garbage landfill, previously powerfully rallied in Yekaterinburg in connection with the authorities ‘ plans to build in the Park near the drama theatre of the temple.

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