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The consumption of this delicacy is dangerous for the heart and blood vessels

Употребление этого лакомства опасно для сердца и сосудовIce cream can cause cardiovascular disease.

American scientists conducted a study which found that ice cream can cause heart disease. Instead of the Goodies experts are working on creating a useful analogue.

It turned out that such a summer of sweetness, like ice cream, can strongly do much harm to health. According to experts, if you eat the ice cream, you can die of a heart attack.

Currently, scientists from the United States to develop a new kind of delicacy, which will be useful for heart vessels. According to them, this kind of sweets contains polyphenol–an antioxidant, preventing strokes and seizures.

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Also it is reported that polyphenol is in the products that are used in the preparation of ice cream. So, for example, nuts and dark chocolate. Polyphenol has a positive effect on the human body, reducing the risk of heart attack.

Participants in the study were about 100 people. Experts checked their cardiovascular system and found that overall vascular tone and cardiac muscle of subjects better.

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Scientists decided that it was necessary polyphenols to sell separately, to the people it was used more often. They have developed a ice cream, and put this substance because it is best stored at low temperatures.

We will add that experts also suggest to release a polyphenol in the form of drugs that people more often used in pure form for the prevention of diseases.

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