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The constitutional somersault

Конституционные сальто-мортале

Can’t and don’t want to comment on the recent constitutional somersault under the big top, simply because have not yet understood their logic, and not ashamed to say it. And because the most respected analysts me, from Haase to Rogov, give diametrically opposite assessment of the current situation and forecasts of development of the situation.

But one thing puzzles me in this festival review: a presumption of rationality, and strategic vision of the Kremlin. So you want to say that these people who fail in almost all projects, except for lining their own pockets from eliminating their own opponents abroad until the failure of the Moscow elections, for ten years managed to embroil Russia with the world, to push the post-Soviet countries, surrounded by her ring of enemies and NATO bases, has drawn Russia into a costly adventure around the world, lost Ukraine, podvese Russia under sanctions, disgraced at the Olympics in Sochi and substituting the Russian sports, to destroy the welfare state, unable to hold any high-tech project and lost the race in space what these losers can strategically plan and carry out a special operation to transition to life in Putin’s rule?

I don’t believe it. As a failed Sochi and Sripala will fail and 2024-JJ. And the announced reforms to exactly the same extent, may be evidence of panic, hysteria and incompetence, or prominence, an eruption of some unknown internal squabbles deep within the earth as evidence of a rational strategy. Instead play a hybrid game of uncertainty until the last moment, until the fall of 2023 th, the Kremlin itself has pulled out from beneath her chair, started the muddy political and constitutional Scam yet unpredictable result. I think it’s a sign of weakness and panic, not strength. That someone lost his nerve and broke the thread.

Again, I don’t know, I’m just guessing, read tea leaves and scratching my head. But my everyday observation of the celestials past 20 years allow me to question their ability to play a complex game of chess — Yes, even to properly arrange the pieces on the Board. Would have played better with marked deck, and so that they hold and to which all have become accustomed.

Sergei Medvedev, a journalist, a Professor of Economics

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