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The constitutional court and his ears

Конституционный суд и его уши

The funniest, perhaps, is that shameful, not only for the constitutional court, but for the whole country, the conclusion of the constitutional court on the amendments demonstrates and confirms that the amendments to the Constitution were adopted improperly.

Examining the amendments, the constitutional court analyzes each amendment (which, in turn, is sometimes a set of interrelated changes to the text) and gives a conclusion about its compliance with the Constitution (and on! — Shocker — they are always relevant). The constitutional court comes here exactly as required by law and article 136 of the Constitution. If not accepted the new Constitution, and amends the text, each amendment must receive the approval of the representative bodies in accordance with the procedure of article 136. And here we see that each such amendment is evaluated by the Constitutional court on conformity of the Constitution separately.

But representative institutions (the Duma, the Federation Council, legislative Assembly), in contrast, the COP had no opportunity to vote them separately. (As not able to do so and citizens during the “plague of the vote”.) And thus, the process of approval of amendments, some article 136 of the Constitution was not respected, and corrections can not be considered approved and therefore cannot enter into force.

To deceive people is not only wrong, but also difficult — ears here and there out. And structure of the constitutional court quite clearly indicates the deceptive nature of the parse of the law on the amendment, which under the guise of one amendment to the Constitution was adopted many amendments. And therefore, we are talking about anti-legal and anti-constitutional process, are complicit in the constitutional court, thus becoming.

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