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The consequence has rejected the version of the drone attack on the warehouses in Balakleya

Следствие отвергло версию атаки беспилотника на склады в БалаклееJournalists argue that the investigators dismissed the version about the attack using a drone.

As part of the investigation on the case of explosions at an ammunition depot in Balakleya conducted an investigative experiment, which was not confirmed the version of the drone. About this in Facebook wrote the journalist Yury Butusov.

The investigators checked data “UkSATSE” about the discovery by the locators of the civil service air traffic control air targets in the warehouse district. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“No aircraft over the Balakleya that day, military defense system not found. Conducted an audit, is it possible that a drone long-range see “Ukraerorukh”, but does not see air defense radar. Found that air defense radar had to see the target,” said the journalist.

So at the moment the version of the drone attack is not confirmed.

According to Butusova, the moment the consequence considers as a priority the version of sabotage on the territory of the warehouse, as evidenced by the nature of the explosions recorded on the security cameras and from eyewitness testimony. He added that the explosion occurred in one of the secure bunkers, the result of which he was completely destroyed.

The journalist said that in the course of the investigative experiment also found valuable types of modern ammunition, which were considered in Ukraine do not exist.

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