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The confusion of the day: a woman lost a large sum, throwing a mug son

Конфуз дня: женщина потеряла крупную сумму, выбросив кружку сына Guy kept in the circle of money.

A resident of the USA now for a long time will be afraid to throw out old things, one cleaning has cost her dearly. The woman thought simply getting rid of the old clubs, but its content was much more than she could have imagined.

Lindsey Preiss, who lives in the city of Conyers, state of Georgia, decided to organize spring cleaning the house and dismantled the old wardrobe, which had not been touched decades, writes Newsweek. The woman was very pleased with himself, as all the old stuff was taken to Goodwill. This non-profit organization first collects things from people and then sells them, donating the income to charity.

But that all changed when he returned home son Lindsay Devon. It turns out that along with the trash his mother took to the flea market something very valuable – it mug for coffee with Mickey mouse, which at that time stood in the closet for 15 years.

The club was the way 27-year-old Devon is not because of childhood memories, but because just a few days before his mom made a spring cleaning, he put a large amount of money raised from the sale of his car – as much as six and a half thousand dollars (more than 180 thousand UAH. – Ed.).

Devon sold the car on Sunday, banks were closed, so put the amount in the account, he could not. At the same time the guy moved into a new apartment and didn’t want to carry the money in the car so as not to lose. When the guy drove to my parents home for the boxes, he thought that his old mug money will be safe. However, the mother did not tell, but it should be.

When Devon came back for more money, Lindsay said that the glee club gave at the flea market. The guy decided that it plays it. As soon as the woman realized what I’d done, immediately got in touch with Goodwill, hoping that the mug had not yet sold. But unfortunately, it happened.

In the hope that the mug came to a very honest people, Lindsay wrote a post in his Facebook with a request to return kept it in a money reward. The woman admitted that she feels terrible mother.

“I’m just in a terrible state, we all. My son worked so hard, and this loss hard do to us. We will be very grateful if someone would give us a refund. I beg someone who bought a mug, to do the right thing,” wrote a woman.

Most likely, someone has already found a huge amount of stored in the Cup, and now not wondering what he is so lucky.

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