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The concept of “gray zone” in the Donbass no, New

Понятия «серой зоны» на Донбассе нет, - НаевThe promotion to the line of contact is not a priority.

The commander of the operation unified forces in the Donbass Sergey Nev said that the concept of “gray zone” is not fixed in any official documents, it has introduced media.

“The concept of such a zone is not fixed in any documents – it was introduced to the media. In the Minsk agreements clearly defined the line of demarcation. Throughout its length there are areas where the distance between the sides is 50 meters, and there are those where the parties do not come close,” said New.

According to him, the decision to improve the tactical situation and the progress of the troops was adopted in accordance with the military situation.

“Where we need to move our positions as far as possible from settlements, and where it allow the Minsk agreement, we occupy a leading position. When, for example, decided on the village of Noise on Gorlovka direction (the Ukrainian army occupied the village on 20 August 2018, – ed..), we considered that a number of KPVV is “Maori”. The enemy has carried out provocative attacks into machine guards, and civilian targets… Therefore, sliding of the enemy, we have deprived him of opportunity to conduct aimed fire at KPVV,” – said New.

“And Gold-4 (the Ukrainian military went in there in July 2018, – ed.) – de jure it was under the rule of Ukraine, but de facto was the police and medics. Making a safety ring around it, we immediately brought in the police and arranged other services for the population”, – said the commander of the OOS.

Answering the question of whether such a taking control of settlements continue in the future, he said that everything will depend on the situation.

“If there is a threat to the population and the military, then there will be appropriate solutions. But the promotion to the line of contact is not a priority. Priority is the preservation of life and health of civilian and fighters,” – said New.

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