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The company Toyota has presented new car volunteer

Компания Toyota подарила новый автомобиль волонтеруHis car was badly damaged in a fire.

Fame, followed by the popularity of the health care provider Allina the Pier as it is today usual, brought his post on the social network. He just showed people what has become of his car, after several rescue, California fire.

In his Instagram pier showed a white Toyota Tundra pickup truck, badly burned from all sides. He also said that the car he was able twice to return to the burning town of Paradise (“Paradise”) in California to help people who are stuck there. During his rescue he was not thinking about the car, but then strongly regret booking due to the fact that we will no longer be able to use it.

However, here came the social network, through which the story has reached “Toyota”. The reaction was instantaneous.

“We were annoyed to know that risking their own lives you saved other people and because of this, now you do not have a car. But for the truck not to worry, we would be honored to give you a new one”, – answered Toyota the Pier.

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