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The company sold a record number of gaming consoles

Названа компания, продавшая рекордное количество игровых приставокNintendo for 35 years has sold more than 700 million consoles of all generations.

A few days ago, Sony Corporation has boasted that sales of gaming consoles under the PlayStation brand starting with the PS1 and ending with models of PS4 and PS4 Pro exceeded 500 million units, more than $ 525,2 million. On this occasion a limited edition of 50 copies was released exclusive model 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro in transparent blue case and a set of accessories (DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation camera, the headset and vertical stand).

Another company from Japan, Nintendo in June announced the above sales of their home consoles 300 million At first glance we see the obvious victory for Sony, especially given the more than ten years the difference between the debut systems companies: Nintendo Entertainment System (15 July 1983) and PlayStation 1 (3 December 1994).

However, Sony somewhat cheated and included in its report and also a portable model PSP and PS Vita, while the list consists of only Nintendo consoles connected to the TV. If to them to add and very popular handheld console, Game Boy and DS, the victory remains with the company from Kyoto: the total sales of all Nintendo consoles at this point of approximately 727, 65 million copies.

For reference, we offer you to look at the figures for each specific model, and the list will include some of the iconic consoles from other companies.

Home Nintendo:

NES – 61,91 million;
SNES – of 49.10 million;
N64 – of 32.93 million;
The GameCube was 21.74 million;
Wii – 101,63 million;
The Wii U is 13.56 million;
Switch – of 19.67 million;
Total – 300,54 million

Portable Nintendo:

Game Boy – 118,69 million.
Game Boy Advance – 81,51 million;
DS – 154,02 million;
3DS – 72,89 million;
Total – 427,11 million

Game system PlayStation:

PS1 – 102,5 million;
PS2 ~ 155 million;
PS3 ~ 80 million;
PS4 ~ 82 million (June 2018);
PSP ~ 82 million;
PS Vita ~ 15 million;

Game consoles Microsoft:

Xbox ~ 24 million;
Xbox 360 ~ 84 million;
Xbox One ~ 39 million (March 2018);

Popular models of other manufacturers

Atari 2600 ~ 40 million;
Sega Master System ~ 13 million;
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis including Sega CD, Sega 32X, and licensed models < 40 million;
Sega Saturn – 9.5 million;
Sega Dreamcast – 9,13 million;
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 ~ 10 million;
3DO Interactive Multiplayer ~ 2 million

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