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The Communists are planning to abstain in the second reading amendments to the Constitution

Коммунисты планируют воздержаться при втором чтении поправок в Конституцию


The Communist faction will abstain in the vote on the bill on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the second reading, scheduled for today, March 10. About it writes “Interfax”, citing a source in the faction.

According to him, it is planned to support the presidential amendments to the draft law, as they partially take into account the proposals of the deputies of the faction of the Communist party. Recall that on 5 March, President Vladimir Putin met with the head of the Duma fractions and discussed with them amendments to the Constitution.

In the first reading the bill was passed by the Parliament on January 23. The second reading of the bill received amendments 387, 200 amendments proposed for adoption, 177 to be rejected. It is expected that tomorrow, on March 11, the state Duma will consider the bill at third reading, and on March 12 it will be considered by the Legislative Assembly in the regions. Then the document will be discussed in the Scenarios.


Vladimir Putin proposed to amend the Constitution in his address to the Federal Assembly on 15 January. He announced a number of significant changes to articles on the powers of the state Duma, Federation Council, RF President and Prime Minister, and state Council. In addition, it is proposed to prescribe in the Constitution the precedence of the Basic law over international agreements.

On March 2, Putin sent to the state Duma additional amendments to the Constitution, which, apparently, were made based on public suggestions. One of the new amendments, introduced by Putin, reads: “the Russian Federation, United by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of ancestors who have conveyed to us the ideals and faith in God, and also the continuity in the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historically established state unity”. In addition to the mention of God in the new amendments, Putin suggested that the Russian Federation is the legal successor of the USSR on its territory, and also in respect of the obligations and assets of the USSR abroad that Russian nation — state-Russia, and that children are the most important asset of the country.

A nationwide vote on the proposed changes to the Constitution will be held on April 22, this day will be declared a public holiday.

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