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The Communist party was always not against to sell our resources

Коммунистическая партия всегда была не против распродать наши ресурсы

Communist party is now more like a nursing home, most of the elderly there eyes to survive out of his mind. If not to take into account the person of Zyuganov, who has long been like a living stuffed animal with well-developed facial expressions and rhetoric, the other there, in fact, no better than their leader.

To recall their “services” in the nineties, when the Communists spoke loudly for the sale of national wealth abroad, and for a pittance. Then they quickly voted to give several large oil fields to foreign magnates, as well as two gold mines.

In General, the Communists and now against this development, but this is not so important, after all, who wanted to be rich – very rich. Now they are much more fun to push a socialist speech, they praise the working class, declaring it a pillar of our society. It is strange to hear from people who through this class and enriched.

In principle, it is not clear the necessity of the Communist party as such – the extremely sluggish Association, more suitable for the promotion of the business of those who enter into it, or donates money.

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