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The Committee supported the petition for the resolution of medical cannabis

The petition for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes was supported by all members of the parliamentary Committee

Today, March 20, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights has supported the e-petition on the legislative settlement of medical cannabis, scored on the Parliament website more than 25 thousand votes. The petition was supported by all present Committee members, reports “gromadske”.

The meeting decided to establish a working group that will attract members of other relevant committees. She will work out a draft law on the settlement of the medical use of cannabis.

In addition, the Committee members decided to address the Cabinet of Ministers the possibility of amending the list of narcotic drugs, according to which the use of cannabis is prohibited in Ukraine for medical and research purposes. Thus, cannabis serves to allow treatment, however, he will remain drug.

The Committee meeting was attended by members of public organizations. In particular, according to the Chairman of the Association “Athena. Women against cancer” Nina Reznichenko, cannabis can alleviate pain for cancer patients.

“In our community over the past 2 years died over 55 women. Of these, at least 8 women had used illegal drugs from medical cannabis and survived in the following way. Pushed them into the hands of the illegal business,” — said the activist.

In turn, MP George Legwinski said that the Committee “is ready to protect unpopular things.”

“The main purpose why we, the members of the Committee willing to support this petition to protect unpopular things, it is because it is a violation of the human right to live a normal life,” — said the MP.

It should be noted that such an initiative immediately after the petition was supported by the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun. According to her, the use of medical cannabis is reasonable and implements the rights of people to medical care.

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Today a member of the Committee Georgy Logvynsky announced that the quorum to support petitions for medical cannabis at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on human rights, national minorities and interethnic relations March 20, were not, informs “Gromadske”.

According to him, the petition was supported by three deputies present. However, they did not vote because the meeting was not quorum, which requires at least five of the nine present.

“We have supported, but did not vote,” said Logvinsky.

The MP said that the meeting came members of the Committee who support the petition. Logvinsky added that does not doubt in approving the vote for the petition, when there will be a quorum.

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The petition will re-review this or next week.

We will remind, in December of last year, the national legislative Assembly of Thailand on Tuesday authorized the use, storage, production, import, export and sale of marijuana for medical purposes.

In the summer of sanctions for marijuana use were repealed in Georgia. Before marijuana use there was considered an administrative offence and punishable by a fine of up to 500 lari (about $200).

Before that, the Upper house of the Parliament of Canada approved the legalization of marijuana “for fun”.

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