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The comments about MH-17: that day, we thought, how to ensure transparency of the investigation

Ходаковский о МН-17: В тот день, мы думали, как обеспечить прозрачность расследования

Six years have passed since that terrible day when the world learned that over the territory of the conflict-stricken Donbas was shot down civilian Boeing 777-200ER airline Malaysia Airline. About those events, together with recalls the former head of the security Council DND Alexander Khodakovsky

Today, after so many years of litigation in the Netherlands, we see the same result — not able to attribute Russia’s monstrous provocation, victims of which were almost 300 people, consolidated the West means as long as possible to delay the consideration of the merits of the case, attracts the ears new “evidence”.

– Alexander, why do you think it superreasonable case taking so long?

— I don’t see anything new — all these movements are caused by political interests. View — even those of the people they (a result of the court in the Netherlands) try to judge or to bring witnesses at the trial, there is nothing that could be seriously considered. In fact, everything revolves around conversations commanders in the day when he was shot down “Boeing”. They supposedly about something “suspicious” spoke among themselves. But this certificate has no value for the court, “conversation” does not indicate the fault of the commanders.

– Kstati, relatives of the victims ask the Americans, promising in 2014 to provide satellite observations, finally transferring them to the court.

— Yes, Carrie was promised back then. Where are they? Some hints. It seems to me that not even the court itself, namely talk about it today are related to those processes that occur in the United States, with the political struggle in the upcoming presidential election between Republicans and Democrats. Pomusolit topic beneficial to all.

– But as Ukraine, it seems, is not particularly profitable. In addition, the behavior in this Ukrainian side, it is clear that they would like to process somehow fell apart. Since Russia is not to blame.

And that was the leitmotif of propaganda in the West six years ago. Ukraine has not formed a Pro-Russian political environment, but there is a lobby lobby Republicans and Democrats, the American, of course. This lobby is divided between the money coming into the country from the IMF. Accordingly, the Ukrainian elite are doing what is profitable to their owners. Now’s the moment, when there was another request for discrediting Russia. Went a whole series of informational “surge” aimed at undermining Russia’s image. And we see, incidentally, that is not only the tragedy with the Malaysian Boeing, but the fake murder of American soldiers in Afghanistan. All of these stories, including the one we’re talking about today are intended to create a negative image of Russia.

– In your opinion, this business has any prospects, but to be a constant source of anti-Russian propaganda?

— It is possible to speak only after the data of the black boxes. This has not happened so far. This one! So we can agree with analysts who believe that this “investigation” is necessary for the West to put pressure on him not even in Russia (though it is), but on public opinion in their own countries. Indeed, if they publish data — they will be disposable, regardless of the content. And since they have at hand is a constant “pain point”.

– So we see the whole system of extracting dividends from the tragedy?

Is an ongoing process. All these years, Western journalists, the same Reuters recently, and their Pro-Western Russian colleagues tried to get me to at least some negative information on the subject. Each time it was timed to burst hostile to us and Russia activity of the West. It’s noticeable immediately. Built a whole system of beliefs and views on the issue.

And prejudices, judging by your words.

These people perform a clear indication of its centres, which with high probability are branches or intelligence agencies, or the US state Department.

– From this we can conclude that to the final point in the history of the unfortunate Boeing far.

— They are unlikely to want the media to kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs.

– Do not you think that the perception of the tragedy six years ago, and today, differs from the perception of such disasters far from the front?

— 17 Jul 2014 the news about Boeing seemed to fit into the understanding of the tragedy on the ground. After all, between Russia and Ukraine intensified the military confrontation. Two days before that, at dawn on 15 July, the Ukrainian aircraft attacked on sleeping in their homes the inhabitants of the town of Snizhne, killing 12 of them and injuring many others. Unfolded in full force, war, and implicitly the possibility of accidental and tragic destruction of civil aircraft is perceived by consciousness of people in the Donbas as horrible but possible — in war anything can happen. There are victims of war even among those who, it would seem, was far from it.

What was that day sent nfirst actions of the government and commanders of the Republic?

— Not to think how we shall then tell. We understand that it is necessary to ensure full transparency of the investigation of the tragedy. Therefore, the representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission and representatives of foreign mass media have not experienced difficulty in obtaining all the information right at the scene. And the search for the black boxes and possible evidence of a crime was carried out in front of foreign representatives. Obviously, if we felt some guilt for themselves, the responsibility for what happened, we would have tried to limit access to the crash site. And they could do this legitimately, you would say that because there are hostilities, access to the crash site is closed. But we have even thought to do so. We had nothing to hide in our interests to ensure open and objective investigation.

– Especially because by that time it was shot down Il-76 of the APU, which tried to deliver paratroopers in the Lugansk airport. And there’s really nobody hid.

— The first, showed that we have defenses, but its capabilities are limited opportunities MANPADS (portable anti-aircraft missile system. — Ed.). And that our defense hits exclusively at the enemy. Secondly, to all responsible persons in Ukraine this should have been a cause for complete and secure closure of the sky over the Donbas. For example, once the army may 26, went to the international airport. Prokofiev in Donetsk, he immediately stopped work — like any airport in the world in emergency situations. So the first question we had (and was supposed to arise from any independent media) — why Boeing was in the area, why wouldn’t he change the route of half a degree to the right or left, even that would not lead to additional fuel consumption? And now, years later, when all the insinuations of the Western media revolve around the question of who shot down the plane, nobody asks the question — who sent it flying over a war zone?

– Do you think that it was a malicious provocation?

Yes, to evoke here the long-term propaganda effect, about which we speak. If anyone thinks this opinion is biased — let provide proof, insights, refuting it. But we see that those who benefits, United States, first of all, do not give the data for your locking equipment — satellites and drones that monitor information over the entire territory of the Soviet republics, do not allow its satellites to publish the black box data.

– I remember that there was any strangeness with this plane?

— Difficult to explain. I like that one Austrian journalist who “interrogated” me with passion, asked the question — why the bodies fell to the ground frozen stiff? This drew the attention of many witnesses. He answered without thinking: because at altitude the temperature is minus fifty-six. I told him, the plane began to fall apart, the bodies began to fall from a height, where there is no such temperature. And the fall continues seconds. When the body has had time to freeze? A strange story? Yes. But nobody undertook to explain.

– Like she was ready.

— It is significant that the journalist is not surprised at the fact, and without thinking, he commented. As if pre-rehearsed. Years passed, and we see all the same — the truth needs to be seen by “Westerners”, biased, should play against Russia, another truth they don’t need.

– If it was a provocation, whether the new?

— The sky is the access of foreign citizens in Donbas too. If something terrible happens to our people, the West will not care. Therefore, it makes sense, probably not — they need the effect they have in July 2014.

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