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The commander of the Navy compared the strength of Ukraine and Russia in the Azov sea

Командующий ВМС сравнил силы Украины и России в Азовском мореThe balance of forces analyzed Voronchenko.

Russia has deployed in the sea of Azov up to 40 combat-ready ships and boats, while Ukraine is in the waters of the sea, two boats and two ships. This was reported by the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko.

Answering the question of how he evaluates the balance of forces of Russia and Ukraine in the Azov sea, Morochenko said, “Now, unfortunately, not in favor of Ukraine, both in quantitative and qualitative ratio. The vast number of ships and boats of the black sea fleet and the FSB are in the sea of Azov. According to our estimates, their number has exceeded one hundred.”

He said, directly to those ships and boats that can fully complete the tasks on the Russian side approximately 36-40 units.

“In Ukraine there are, unfortunately, two boats and two ships. Now consider that could be the ratio”, – said Voronchenko.

The head of the Navy said that Ukraine for the protection of marine areas there is no alternative mosquito fleet (small, fast and maneuverable warships, – ed.).

Commander of the Ukrainian Navy said that the “mosquito” fleet is the first step to a ban or restriction of enemy action at sea, in the coastal zone.

“Regarding further actions will need ships more power. In the sea of Azov the composition of the boats that we are planning, I believe you can guarantee the safety of production activities and safety of navigation”, – he said.

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