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The collectors c of the Russian land as live in towns where you can earn only by the sale of mushrooms

Собиратели c земли русской как живут поселки где заработать можно только продажей грибов

The collectors c of the Russian land: life as towns, where you can earn only by the sale of mushrooms on the track

The track is also a barometer of the state of the economy, which is visible to the purchasing power of the population passing by.

Special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alexey Ovchinnikov saw as a vanishing industry median strip replaces the primitive gathering.

For many Russian villages, the gathering of mushrooms-berries recently has become almost the backbone of the economy. In season, young and old, travel to the forest. Special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” went to the Vladimir region , where he was convinced to the villagers, unlike the townspeople, daily Hiking with baskets – not fun, but necessary measure.

Children pick up at school

… A fifth grader Volodya groans, pushing uphill the Bicycle, Laden with fresh chanterelles and a dozen nakatannyh cans. We drag the cargo on the route Vladimir-Murom, where the morning sitting by his grandmother. She sell the forest passing motorists. In fact, with the money wolf and recently bought this bike, than terribly proud of himself, not the parents begged that, and so hard the father works on construction sites in Moscow, my mother was a nurse in Vladimir.

– Oh, we’re doing fine, when they not only are great to buy, but also themselves to the school to collect: scored mushrooms, sold — bought the form and pack of pencils-notebooks – sighs his grandmother, laying out the goods (liter cans of mushrooms – thousand, 5-gallon bucket of chanterelles — 450, 3-liter cans of dried boletus and aspen – 800), and with the hope of peering into every speeding car.

Bab, I’ll go. – no time to waste kid. – There is a place there is a cool, three days ago, two buckets removed!

The track is also a barometer of the state of the economy, which is visible to the purchasing power of the population passing by.Photo: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV

“Road of life”

And like Savkina family in the wooded edges of the Sudogda district of Vladimir region — thousands. With a fairly typical provincial stories: retirement of majority of the elderly do not hold up to 10 thousand and for the young to make money, you need to break away and go to big cities — work in their villages, almost there. So we have to sit on the road, which became their nurse.

– Dealers somewhere was gone, – the people grumble. – Early surrender and all…

However, some are already being used and advanced technology sales. Tell me about some of Ivanovich, who collects orders for mushrooms in the Internet and twice a week traveled to the capital to deliver goods straight to the door. Another one of collects with local Muscovites 800 rubles and carries them on the mushroom. Someone managed to adjust the supply in cool restaurants… But such — units.

I walk miles along the “road of life” (as it is called here this track), one of a handful of mushroom to another. They sad: at hours long past noon, but rarely anyone of them had managed at least something to sell. The route for these people — it is also a barometer of the state of the economy. With nostalgia they recall how another three or four years ago the trade was over before lunch — people from passing cars has not considered the money, sativa racks mushrooms and berries. Now the cars rush by.

For leisure, the villagers like to speculate about life before and after perestroika. Food for thought – before my eyes…Photo: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV

Mushrooms as an alibi

– Something has changed – reflects Sergey from Andreevo . – Great luck, if a couple hours will be able to sell a jar Gruzdkov or aspen. Muscovites, too, whether money problems or just assume they were? Damn, and I promised the boy today to buy a watermelon…

He complains about unemployment in Moscow and the foreman, who for the past two months can’t give him a salary, and then suddenly grabs her stomach:

– Picked up something, man, eh?.. If the big 700, small — 400!

This is the “what if” happens, hardly Sergey has time to hide in the woods near slows me down a serious SUV with Moscow numbers. The driver, no haggling, puts the money in a big bucket, and then suddenly issues:

– I need your coat and your boots!

Well, purely from the Schwarzenegger movie “Terminator”… What to answer to it, frankly don’t know, and he laughs:

Yes me 5 minutes just to bail out…

We go into the woods, “the terminator” in the SUV preobrazhaetsya, and I on his iPhone doing a photo shoot: here it cuts like a mushroom, here posing with a full bucket of aspen…

Wife said to look for mushrooms the whole day went – he explains and gives gas. I give money satisfied Sergey: thanks to this unexpected alibi, his son is today with watermelon.

People in these places live poor. In the season young and old alike go on a “quiet hunt”.Photo: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV

“The Muscovites. Now for a penny will fight…”

Reach Turmerone , where the people on both sides of the road gave the mushroom collapse. Bored waiting for customers, they divide their lives into before and after “perestroika”. “Before” – the village is actively built up, there appeared the Bone (that is, the production of flour from the skeletons of animals) plant, give them a job, school, kindergarten, hospital, the new two-story house. After the plant was sold and barely working, school and kindergarten are closed, and instead of a hospital — a nursing home. Treated ride in andrijevo, which is not his therapist. All hopes for a girl, which this year enrolled in the medical Academy Ivanovo and promised that I would return home. But whether by the time where to return to…

Miraculously survived a country club. Once repainted, the floors, the old, a hundred times plumbed the instrument through which here on Saturdays are held discos (adult ticket — 50 roubles, children’s — 25), but most importantly — it works! Although around it is also full of questions. For example, in a typical Russian incident, when the observance of the laws (it would seem designed to solve a specific problem), leads to a further problem. More recently, it was a section of Aikido, which gladly engaged local children. However zvirbliene officials can easily put the entire section on the blades: it turned out that the sport is impossible to do without a toilet (here he is on the street) and changing rooms.

Club without a toilet is so not the norm, and children without partition — the norm? – trying to put together a bureaucratic puzzle turmeric, but was immediately distracted by the rustle of tires tormoznogo BMW X6.

– Now go trade! – I inspire them, but the faces of the pickers somehow disappointed too…

– Muscovites – assessing the numbers and the machine, says one of the women. – Now for every penny you start to fight…

For heating — 10 thousand!

And just as the buyer requests a few moments “little to lose” and seem to look happy when a bucket of chanterelles he let it go for 400 instead of 450 rubles. His companion in this fun time on the phone discussing a new production fashion Director, for which “and five thousand do not mind.”

– Call, by the way, to us through an hour of chanterelles bought under Pino good going, keep going girl. – Viognier or better?

People with blackened mushrooms fingers at each other. For them it is any other Russia, which they like the show watch every day on this route. Like when watching the show – without the ability to touch that strange and incomprehensible life.

Still nothing, and sometimes, the “hucksters” call – resentfully recalls one of the spawns. – Not from good life we are on the way out… we in Likino heating only 10 thousand worth it, and if not for the mushrooms, the whole village would I go without pants!..

In Likino heating only 10 thousand scottato: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV

How much was it?! Numbers frankly do not believe: Yes, I was in Moscow three times less for the whole communal cry! But how do you do that?..

“Sell the debt”

Buyers of one of Likinsky stores meets ad “Revision. Bring debts.”

– What to do? – question, answers the clerk. – Yes, in debt sell. Well, people don’t have money, and we reason a special product to keep no spoils same. Now anything else — people mushrooms sold, paid, but winter will be tight…

In the shop opposite another ad, on the admission of chanterelles.

– 120 rubles per kilo – answer there, but after I submitted, specify that the purchase solely for its own needs, and no resale is not implied. Well, Yes, Yes…

Yes, in debt sell. What to do?Photo: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV

Panorama from left to right: drying after washing linen, something like athletic fields, boletus, growing right beside the path, and through the landing you can see the prison tower is the women’s colony, which is a local “main enterprise” – other work here, almost none.

“Of the inmates, at least the food is free…”

– And that’s understandable — we have something for which he was punished? – nod to the men near brick dvuhetazhki cutting in “snap”. – Though the food of the inmates free, and then — fidget as you like… You’re talking about communal our heard? We still have time — cut off heating to edrene FeNi, fireplace, heat — less work. Now banned pipe cutting neighbor over 12 thousand came!

– Put the camera down! – menacingly rising suddenly to his comrade. Is to then, when the mushroom will introduce tax, us tax for one took place? He goes there, clicks, and then you will look!..

Just in case I remove the camera while soothing them that it seems no one there is no “mushroom tax” is not going to enter.

– Chill out, guys! – barges into the conversation another licenec. – I heard that just bought the pinch of taxes, we are not moved!

– Oh, the village!… – low expressive man spits at his feet and countryman’s trying to tell-the optimist: Now outbid Fox for 110-120 we take, and how they pendurar this tax — 90-100 will be accepted. Let them try only to take!.. Our eagles remember? Doom!

And men with materkom remind you that the mushrooms in these places – it is also deeply political question about which we should not forget the officials of all ranks.

“Mushrooms push!”

Three years ago the then owner of the Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova inadvertently several times and very clearly expressed on the mushroom theme. “We are now on the mushroom press down, let’s see how much we have mushrooms!” she said, and later spoke about exports. The people then visibly agitated. Excitement turned into anxiety when the authorities developed the idea, complaining that “a lot of mushrooms bought up and exported from the region, and we don’t get taxes.”

For the villagers daily Hiking with baskets – not fun, but necessary of mirafoto: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV

And though later the officials were justified, they say, they were misunderstood and it was just about the revival ribovarin that ordinary mushroom pickers and no one thinks to touch it, but it was too late — the theme of vengeance seethed, gathering the most terrible guesses. And at the end of 2018 Svetlana Orlova miserably lost the gubernatorial elections no one hitherto unknown Vladimir Sipiagina.

I remind the men that, according to political analysts, Vladimir oblast became part of a wave of protest vote, then swept some regions of the country, but those negative twirl heads:

– No, we don’t care which it is party. This mushrooms are not forgotten!

The men leave and go home. They’re going to get up early to have time to get a bucket, another of mushrooms, and, like many of their villagers to go with them to the track.

Tomorrow is Sunday and Muscovites-breadwinners home with the cottages will be pulled, – they explain. And they are nice gifts to buy, and we to winter warmer…


Nikolai NIKOLAEV, head of the Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations:

“All the news about “Georgian tax” – fake news!”

– Nikolay Petrovich, people are very worried. I’m afraid that the state will reach into their already poor pocket…

– I can assure you that there is no intent to regulate such activities, no, no such bill. We have in the Tax code is written, the income from the sale of mushrooms-berries is not taxed, and this rule is also not going to change. Yes, I have often met in social networks is absolutely provocative posts on this subject, even across the falsified video that showed that people are fined for gathering of mushrooms-berries, but it’s all fake news, nobody has the right to do that. There is only one bill that relates to the business activities, it allows business and consumers ‘ cooperatives to create a procurement Agency.

Is the so – called “act wild”?

– Again… If we continue to call it that, and it will appear all sorts of rumors. I repeat — it allows entrepreneurs to create procurement Agency, the law was adopted in the first reading and was deferred.


– The theme is always someone sulky, so we do not hurry, you have to calculate everything and not to give provocateurs. It is necessary to provide an opportunity for people and companies to sell these products. We have no infrastructure, no zagotkontory, so people sitting along the roads. The mistake was made 12 years ago in adopting a new Forest code, where individuals can collect, but only for their own needs (without the sale), and the business needs to rent a forest plot at least 10 years. The folly. This leads to the fact that the regions are unable to allocate funds for the development of this. So we want to fix this and allow business to create procurement Agency.

Berries, mushrooms and nuts are under the control of the Ministry of agriculture wants to handle the collection of forest
Under the regulation can also get birch SAP and wild herbs

Citizens gathering in the forests of berries and mushrooms, does not give rest to our officials. Prepared proposals process to finally adjust and take control. As the gathering of wild nuts, birch juice, medicinal plants, and their processing and turnover. ( details )


Will you force the Russians to pay taxes, collected in the forest mushrooms and the potatoes, grown in the garden

What can turn into new laws on private farms

Recently, the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government and asked MPs to improve the legislation on personal part-time farms (LPH). We are talking about what if the person on your Le organized a mini-farm and engaged in commercial activities, he will have to pay taxes. In the framework of this mandate in the state Duma pulled out from under the cloth the law with a boring name “About the expansion of the patent system in agriculture.” He was adopted by the deputies in the first reading last year, and then caused a wave of discontent in society and before the second reading was not reached. From the project follows that people who personal farms grows apples or strawberries for sale, must buy from the state a patent for entrepreneurial activities. The question price — about 80 thousand rubles a year. But for the poorest segments of the population who have a vegetable garden – the main breadwinner, this is huge.

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