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The collapse Shulyavska bridge: the latest details

Обрушение Шулявского моста: самые свежие подробностиAll the latest news relating to the state of emergency in the capital.

In Kiev in the evening on 27 February, was PE: collapsed bridge near the metro station “Shulyavska”. As a result of incident nobody has suffered, but the fallen pieces of rebar damaged standing under the bridge the cars. Employees of road services immediately blocked the traffic on the street Hetman, from Shulyavka to the Industrial bridge.

After a few hours at the emergency arrived Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko. He stated that “the bridge is tired,” and its collapse – the result of a succession of serious fires, the first of which occurred 10 years ago, and the last one in 2012. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Because of the collapse of the bridge KP “Kyivpastrans” sneslo changes in work of passenger transport. Basically, it touched the trolley. For motorists in the KSCA made a detailed diagram of a detour of the damaged section.

This is not the first accident at the Shulyavska bridge. In 2007, a powerful fire covered second-hand near the bridge, and firefighters noted that because of this structure almost collapsed. Then fell only protective plaster. Ambulance as rescuers, with great difficulty managed to get to the scene, as huge traffic jams impede the movement of transport.

As reported in the “News” earlier, the problem of reconstruction of the bridge shuliavska negotiated in 2015. Then the development of the project has allocated 1 million 180 thousand UAH. Anticipated structural repairs to the trestle and unloading of Shulyavka from the eternal traffic jams. A tender for the development of a three-level interchange won the Institute “Kievsoyuzdorproekt”.

The collapse of the bridge shuliavska: day two

Early in the morning of 28 February, on the point of collapse Shulyavska bridge working employees of “Kyivpastrans”: established contact networks.

The point of collapse is 15 meters. Employees “Kievavtodormost” said the correspondent of “Vesti”, which struck the parapet of the plate. It was closed to traffic in both directions.

The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko inspected the morning of the dilapidated bridge, he told reporters that because the night of the incident will be dismissed and his Deputy Ilya Sagaidak and the head of Solomensky RGA Maxim Shkuro for the “negligent attitude to the problem”.

According to representatives of the city hall, “the skins had the most complaints about the condition of the roads after snowfall”.

“Of the ten districts of the capital in Solomenskiy district roads were in the worst condition. The content of that part of the bridge that collapsed was part of the powers Solomenskiy administration. The decision on his dismissal was long overdue, however, this situation was the last straw,” – said the “news” in administration.

Klitschko after communicating with journalists, gave the command to put on axle dump trucks, each with an average weight of 66 tons. This was necessary in order to check whether it is possible to put on shuliavska bridge public transport. The truck drove well and the traffic on the bridge slowly resumed.

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